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  • Organizing Session

Discussion items

5 min

Welcome and introductions 

Craig N.
  • Welcome and introductions
 10 min

Agenda review and plans for the week

Craig N. Agenda review and plans for the week
    • Q4 PH/FHIR Infrastructure
      • Several immunization gforge tickets
    • TQ1
      • FHIR eICR recon
      • Possible split with OO
    • TQ2
      • ODH ballot recon
    • TQ3
      • CCHD & EHDI ballot recon
    • TQ4- Joint with PHARM
      • FHIR Immunization harmonization
    • TQ5- Birds of a feather
      • Reporting with FHIR
      • In Annapolis
    • WQ1
      • VR Dam ballot Recon
    • WQ2
      • VR Dam ballot Recon
      • NHCS
      • Split with conformance for immunizations
    • WQ3 & WQ4
      • BeSR
    • ThQ1- Different room on Thursday
      • Imm ballot recon
      • Imm DAM and other related PSS’s
    • THQ2
      • VR going to normative ballot
      • May go to EHR to give an update
    • ThQ3
      • Admin wrap up
15 minBirth and Fetal Death Reporting (CDA) PSSSarah. G.
  • Birth and Fetal Death Reporting (CDA) PSS 
    • Plan to go to ballot in Jan 2019 for a full STU release
    • This will be an update to the original CDA IG to align with the V2 IG already published
    • Sponsor- PH
    • Co-Sponsor- SD expected
    • For Death- Coded cause of death, race and ethnicity (for birth too) back to states. Sarah to double check.
    • Utah and Michigan will be participating jurisdictions
    • Plan to submit for publication by April 2019
    • Timelines between now in April are really compressed… need to keep in mind shorter timelines and plan ahead
    • Sarah will update the VR project confluence page with the info for this specific project
    • Not backwards compatible because we are creating new data elements
    • Working with NCHS and NAPHSIS
    • Realm specific

Motion: Sarah moves to approve PSS

Second: Lori



For- 15

15 minCDA Death Reporting IG updateSarah G.
  • CDA Death Reporting IG update
    • Update coming for this based on a comment submitted via STU comment page
    • Plan to review on a future call. Believe it was discussed at a previous WGM. Sarah will check minutes and if a vote is found, she will notify Craig.
    • PSS already approve
    • Sarah will double check if there are STU comments that need to resolved
15 minImmunization DAM PSSSteve H.
  • HL7 Project Scope Statement v2018.1_CoordinatedDAM_05.docx
    • Project with the EHR workgroup- Imm Functional Profile and mapped to the Federal health Information Model
    • PSS- Coordinated DAM, working with patient care with allergies and want to build a model for allergies and immunizations to demonstrate the reuse of the models and increase consistency
    • Jan-May will bring the CIMI models and the FHIR profiles
    • Frist cycle is to duplicate the IMM DAM and the Allergy DAM (put in enterprise Arch-ULM to harmonize to ID the overlap, and address the gaps), will map and gap the EHR-S functional model and the FHIM model with the DAM- will build an object model as opposed to an entity model (so looking at functions and tasks). Look at multiple context specific terminology bindings to make less ambiguous. Output will be a white paper that documents the results and summary of comments from the comment only ballot.
    • Output will be given to PH to determine whether or not we would want to update the Imm DAM. Looking at the Harmonization potential
    • From this, will plan to create FHIR profiles based on use cases ID’d in the existing DAMs, and update the models
    • FHIM was mapped to the Imm DAM as a starting point
    • Don’t expect radical changes; could possibly see additional data elements in the FHIM that the Imm DAM does not.
    • Because the main focus of this is Immunizations, they are bringing to PH to determine whether or not we want to be a Sponsor. They would provide most of the work; while trying to collaborative.
    • There was a concern that an uber RDAM would be created and that all DAMs would need to be mapped to it. However that was not the intent. Starting with specific use case. Attempting to figure out a map and gap process to help improve artifacts
    • Imm is pretty closely aligned with the MedicationAdministration and MedicationStatement; these might be good candidates for harmonization between Jan and May
    • Expected
      • complete DAM draft by 12/1/18
      • Review and update by 12/15
      • Ballot DAM for comment by 2018 Jan Ballot
      • Revise DAMs based on ballot feedback 2/1/19 (For PH to review against the Imm DAM and determine what changes if any we would consider making
    • The Project will be created as a project in Confluence; may use our confluence PH projects confluence page if we agree.
    • Would like to go Universal, but they don’t currently have an international participant- this could cause a problem with the TSC…
    • The FHIR Resource development would be a larger project and we would like to see a Medication DAM before we proceeded with resource development.  
    • The Product of this project is a white paper.
    • Because of the cross domain nature of this project it seems like it might be more appropriate with CIC. It might be more appropriate for us to be a co-sponsor
    • Could begin reviewing models and FHIR resources on Thursday Q1 (Steve to join PH if available)

Motion: Steve moves that PH be a co-sponsor of this project with a level of involvement of formal content review prior to ballot with monthly call updates.

Second: Erin

Vote: 16,0,0

Another other PSS review (if required)

Action items