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  • Erin Holt

  • Nell Lapres

  • Laura Conn

  • Craig Newman

  • John Loonsk

  • John Roberts

  • Crystal Snare

  • Emilie Lamb

  • Dave Trepanier

  • Daryl Chertcoff

  • Shandy Dearth

  • Eric Larson

  • Joginder Madra

  • Kathy Walsh

  • Maiko Minami

  • Rita Altamore

  • Sarah Gaunt

  • Toni Eason

  • Mead Walker

  • Srinath

  • Rebecca Baker

  • Justine Maxwell

  • Richard Hornaday

  • Kensaku Kawamoto

  • Lori Fourquet


  1. ODH Vocab - Lori Fourquet (10 min)
  2. eCR Block Vote- John Loonsk (10 min)
  3. Immunization FHIR tickets - Craig Newman (20 min)a.gForge 14855/14933 submitted by Ken about dropping ImmunizationEvaluation & ImmunizationRecommendation for generic decision-support solution (also look at gForge 14372 which suggests using Careplan)
  4. NIB review (20 min)
    1. Immunization v2.8.2 IG
    2. Syndromic v 2.5.1 IG

Discussion items

5 minMinutes from 2/15Craig Newman

Motion- Craig to move to approve last week’s minutes.





5 minECR FHIR Block 2 Vote John Loonsk

Motion- John Loonsk moves that block 2 of the ECR FHIR ballot be approved.

Second- Sarah





Next steps: Do not plan on doing a ballot in May, but possibly in Sept.

5 minDeath Reporting v2.6 IG Mead Walker
  • Death Reporting 2v6 IG was voted as an STU about 1.5 years ago.
  • At the January WGM, the workgroup went through STU comments and decided to issue a Dot release to reflect those changes.
  • Mead sent out an updated document for review to the list serve and would like folks to review for discussion on the next call March 1st. Nell will add to the agenda (10 minutes)
  • Note to reviewers: The value set labeled 'certifier titles' was to be removed. In the document that was sent out, this reference is removed from the value set flavor, but not in the list of value sets. It is known that this needs to be corrected.
10 min

Syndromic v2.5.1 NIB

 Emilie Lamb and Dave Trepanier
  • Syndromic v2.5.1 NIB
  • Craig to add emails for additional vote recipients (Emilie and Dave)
  • Motion- Craig moves to accept this NIB
  • Second- Erin
  • Abstain- 0
  • Against- 0
  • For- 25
10 min

Immunization v2.8.2 NIB

Craig Newman
  • Imm v2.8.2 NIB
  • Want to put back out for reballot after reconciliation of the previous review ballot
  • Suspects that they won’t be ready for May ballot in case they are ready for May, but will be more likely for Sept.
  • See NIB
  • Need to send an email to Anne and Lynn indicating the name change
  • Folks can join AIRA if they want to participate.

Motion- Craig moves to accept this NIB.

Second- Erin

Abstain- 2

Against- 0

For- 21

10 minODH Vocabulary for Harmonization Proposal Lori Fourquet
  • ODH Employment Status Harmonization Proposal  (pending updated documentation)
  • Updated ODH harmonization proposals
  • Recasting a revised proposal for harmonization  
  • Seeking approval for all three paradigms
  • Were using SNOMED codes, but now proposing abbreviated concepts from HL7
  • International
    • Work schedule
    • Employment status
    • Work Classification
  • US Specific
    • Reference NUBC
    • Occupation
    • Industry
    • Supervisory Level
  • Combined Vs 2, RIM, and FHIR vocabulary request
  • No change to the description
  • Sponsored by- currently listed as PA/NIOSH; the NIOSH reference could be a problem
  • Lori will send out proposals to list serve for review before preliminary deadline.

Motion- Lori moves to approve revised 6 harmonization proposals
Second- John




15 minImmunization FHIR tickets and CDS discussion Craig Newman
  • Immunization FHIR tickets - Craig Newman (20 min)a.gForge 14855/14933 submitted by Ken about dropping ImmunizationEvaluation & ImmunizationRecommendation for generic decision-support solution (also look at gForge 14372 which suggests using Careplan)
    • Question from CDS group- should we have domain specific resources for this sort of content or CDS generic resources?
    • Discussed previously at the Jan WGM
    • What is the logical next step if the same pattern is used? This could yield a TON of new FHIR resources; each having evaluation and recommendation resources
    • There likely is a lot of overlap in the evaluation domain
    • If doing this at the resource level, FHIR may have to reevaluate. For scale, might be worth considering a consolidated generic resource
    • Immunization Recommendation was one of the first resources out there.
    • Could create a generic resource and use profiles to make it domain specific
    • FHIR is really driven by what is needed by implementers. Rather than getting rid of the immunization specific resources, maybe have a mapping to a generic structure. At the same time, we don’t want 50  additional resources
    • For R4, probably wouldn’t get rid of what we have, rather possibly work towards the creation of a common resource and develop mapping to that common resource
    • Is the CDS work group willing to take the lead on creating a generic resource? Ken thinks so. PH would be interested.
    • CDS would also like to see this interaction mapped using CDS Hooks.
    • For the purposes of R4, we are going to leave the immunization resources as they are. CDS will work on finding the right home for the generic resources and will involve PH when appropriate.
    • For flagging open issues, there is a specific format for doing that. Check out observations for a template.
    • Craig- flag open issues, email Brynn with CDS
  • Single Recommendation vs multiple recommendations
    • Can they be looked at independently? If not, then this might answer the question
    • Evaluation isn’t a part of the recommendation
    • Where you would need to see everything together would be -Multiple doses for the same target disease or combo vaccine is being forecasted
    • In some instances you could like that them independently, but there would be instances where you couldn’t.
    • Could constrain in the profile
    • Makes sense to have 0..* in the resource, but then could constrain in a profile
  • Using CDS Hooks in the IG- Nathan/Eric
    • The big take away was to do some research to see if CDS Hooks met all the use case needs
      • What is the timeline on CDS Hooks as being balloted in HL7?
      • IP issues got resolved and they are a go for May ballot
      • CDS believes that they can meet the needs of the IG.
      • Would need to figure out how this would be published and made available within the HL7 standards
  • Note to folks: Reminder to review Craig’s power point on Gforge items for discussion next week if interested.

Action items

  • Craig Newman will send an email to Anne and Lynn regarding the Immunization 2.8.2 IG name change.

  • Erin Holt will get harmonization proposals from Lori and include in minutes
  • Craig Newman to flag open issues regarding FHIR gforge tickets
  • Craig Newman email Brynn (question) with CDS