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The goal of this project is to create a co-branded FHIR implementation Guide (Co-branded between HL7 and NCPDP) focused on exchange of data (Demographic, prescription, clinical and financial) for dispensing specialty medications by pharmacies as well as facilitating enrollment of patients in programs offered by third parties such as Hub vendors and Pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Background Information

By 2020, a projected 9 out of 10 top selling-drugs by revenue will be Specialty. Examples of specialty medication categories include Oncology, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Infusion drugs, etc. The current process for exchanging data, including prescription data regarding specialty medications is complex and manual, taking days to weeks to begin a patient on therapy. There is no industry standard for exchanging clinical data when necessary for dispensing specialty medications by pharmacies as well as facilitating enrollment of patient in programs offered by third parties such as Hub vendors or Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. NCPDP started a task group several years ago focused on the exchange of data needed to help shorten the time to therapy for a patient who has been prescribed a specialty medication and over the past two years have been focused on identifying demographic, clinical and financial information that needs to be exchanged in order to get the patient the therapy they need. This information is outside of the current e-Prescription that is sent to the pharmacy today. After an extensive analysis of the types of additional information that is required along with the prescription it was determined that developing an implementation guide using HL7 FHIR would be the best approach to support the exchange of this information.

Current Work

  • Attend Connectathons

Approval Steps - complete to this point

  • Continue to work through HL7 approval process for PSS
    • Approval by US Realm Steering Committee - approved 25 February 2020
    • Approval by FHIR Management Group - approved 26 February 2020
    • Approval by Clinical Steering Division - approved 8 March 2020
    • Approval by Technical Steering Committee - approved 16 March
  • Final Review by NCPDP Standardization Committee - Approved 3 March 2020

NCPDP Task Group - Specialty Requirements for ePrescribing

The NCPDP Specialty Requirements for ePrescribing task group meets regularly to discuss content and progress on the implementation guide creation. Meeting agendas and notes can be found on the NCPDP Collaborative Workspace.

Users can create an account to log in here:

Log in to your Collaborative account before accessing any of the resources listed below.

Upcoming meeting dates - typically every other Tuesday at 1300 Eastern Time

Calendar invites can be downloaded from the Calendar page of the NCPDP Collaborative:

Ongoing NCPDP Task Group Meeting Details:

NCPDP - WG18: Specialty Requirements for ePrescribing task group meeting    
               1. Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
               2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.
               Dial: 1 (510) 365-3331 Access Code: 784-482-130
Location 1 (510) 365-3331 Access Code: 784-482-130

Task Group Agendas/Notes/Resources

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