Before completing this checklist and reviewing it with your sponsoring workgroup, these steps will to help you get through the process:

  • Review the naming convention of the IG matches the guidance in the GOM on specification name (TBD, pending, add link in future)
  • Review how to configure Specification Feedback.  Then add planned publication version to the JIRA Specification set-up file.
  • Review the CDA Github Repository Best Practices and upload the artifacts associated with the publication version to the Github repo.

  • Review the appropriateness to reference these permalinks in your Readme.txt

When using the CDA_SDTC schema, use this link address for the extension schema:

  •  Send a zip file of your pre-publication package to your sponsoring WG and obtain a link from them that points to the location where the package is located.

After obtaining approval  from your sponsoring workgroup, please send an e-mail to <> with the following information:

  • Name of your publication

  • Links to:
    • The Publication Package
    • Your completed CDA Publication Request Checklist 
    • Associated Ballot Page
    • Product Brief
    • The Product's Github Repo


Step 1.

IG Content: Documented Open Issues

Confirm that any JIRA trackers that have addressed in this version of the IG have been marked with the "Implemented in version" field in JIRA. (Note: to complete this step, the new version of the specification needs to be added within JIRA. Read more about how to configure Specification Feedback.

Confirm that any Open Issues present at the end of Ballot Reconciliation are documented in the relevant JIRA trackers with a note on planned release. In some cases this may be 'future' without a set date.  

Implementer notes, such as FHIR "dragons be here", may be included within an IG when appropriate. 

Do not documented open issues on the Confluence page associated with the project. Open issues should be addressed only as open JIRA trackers or as Implementer Notes within the IG.

  • Complete

Initials: GC

Date: 2023-03-20


added version 1.2.0  and the list of artefacts to HL7/JIRA-Spec-Artifacts. Updates already active in Jira.

Step 2.

Cover page, footer and TOC Information < ----  Future Update Will Be Needed based on new Guidance in the GOM on Specification Name

Confirm the specification files (Volume 1, Volume 2 or could be a single file that has both volume 1 and volume 2 content in it) word documents contain no tracked changes or comments.

Confirm the Cover Page and footer version number aligns with the version that is used in Jira to log comments. (It is used in the field called "Raised in version" which is documented in the HL7 essentials area of Confluence:

Example Cover Page information:

Specification Date: August 2015

Specification Name: HL7 CDA R2 Implementation Guide: Consolidated CDA Templates for Clinical Notes (C-CDA)

Specification Version: August 2022

Example Footer: August 2022 

Confirm the TOC(s) have no visual errors and the links are working.

  • Complete

Initials: GC

Date: 2023-03-20

Notes:  There are no word documents 

Generated PDF in

Added the Spec. Version and Updated the Footer.

Step 3.

Use Case Review

Confirm that the specification includes at least one clearly enumerated Use Case that illustrate the expected uses for the implementation guidance. 

  • Complete

Initials: GC

Date: 2023-03-20


Step 4.

Code System and Value Set Review <  ----  Proposed Update on 10/24 for Review

For each code system used in the IG or used by value sets referenced in the IG:

      1. Confirm any code system used in the IG which is not an example code system, is listed in (THO) and if it is an external code systems, then it is listed on the External Code Systems tab and that the Code System is identified in the IG as indicated in THO.  If a code system used in the IG is not present in THO, go to the TSMG Confluence Page titled "Terminology Expectations for IG Developers" and follow the provided guidance to correct this problem before seeking to publish the IG. 

For each value set referenced in the IG, confirm that:

      1. the value set has a link that takes you to the Source value set definition
      2. the name of the source value set the same as the name used in the IG
      3. the identifier (OID) associated with the value set in the source the same as the identifier in the IG
      4. Spot check on the first 3 codes in the IG to confirm they are present in the source value set

Confirm all value set bindings

      1. Did you find any places where there is a STATIC binding and no date information? Add a date if appropriate.
      2. Did you find any places where there is a STATIC binding that should be DYNAMIC? Change to DYNAMIC if appropriate.
      3. Did you find any places where there is a valueSet binding and no Binding Stability (i.e. no STATIC and no DYNAMIC term included)? Add the correct Binding Stability for the value set binding.

Confirm No Terminology Related Errors in IG Publishing Tool.

  • Complete

Initials: GC

Date: 2023-03-20


There are no links in the pdf for the value sets (links are active in the web available version; links are resolvable and satisfy the requirements.

No STATIC bindings

All checked value bindings have a binding stability (this is added by default by the tool)

Step 5.

Sample File and Schema Review

For each sample file:

  1. Confirm that the sample file passes Schema validation without any errors.
  2. Confirm that the sample file passes Schematron validation without any errors. 

Below, list the included sample files included with descriptions: 

No CDA samples provided, because no document level templates are defined by this IG.  This exception was agreed for the previous STU 1 release.

  • Complete

Initials: GC

Date: 2023-03-20

Notes to document any validation errors present.

This IG doesn't define any document level template, so no document level samples are provided, nor external fragment examples.

In line fragment examples are validated by the editing tool (ART-DECOR)

Step 6.

Github Repository Review

Confirm that a Github repository has been established for the Specification.

Confirm that the content associated with this version of the Specification has been loaded into the Github repository following best practice guidelines listed as instructions below.

CDA Artifact Github repo management guidance:

Item reviewed:

Paste link to github repo

  • Complete

Initials: GC

Date: 2023-03-20


Step 7.

_Readme.txt Package File Review

Confirm the _Readme.txt file and content meets the requirements of the template included by reference below.

These are the correct permalinks to be used when explaining where the CDA stylesheet and CDA schema's are located (Only a pointer to these materials can be included in the download package published on the standards grid.):

When using the CDA_SDTC schema, use this link address for the extension schema:

When using specialized stylesheets, include the specialized stylesheets or a link to the location of the specialized stylesheets within the Github repository.

Check the _Readme.txt file for accuracy:

        • Does it fully describe all the files that are in the package?
        • Are the correct file names used?
        • Does it correctly point to the right GitHub repo and identify the files that are available in the repo?
          • Does the repo contain the required sample files?
          • Does the repo contain the required Schematron?
          • Does the repo contain any referenced specialized stylesheets?
          • Do the sample files validate without Schema or Schematron errors?
        • Are permalinks to the CDA Schema and CDA Sample Stylesheet used in the _Readme.txt file?

Link to _Readme.txt template (template includes text to be updated): _Readme.txt Template

  • Complete

Initials: GC

Date: 2023-03-20


_Readme.txt to be updated with the Publication date when this will be available

Step 8.

Publication Request Form Review

Confirm the Publication Request is populated correctly:

    • Apply the form instructions to determine if the request has been filled out correctly and clearly.
    • Confirm the Specification Name is specified correctly, according to current TSC Naming Guidelines.  If the Specification name does not meet current TSC Naming Guidelines, use the form to request a new name for the specification for use when published. 
    • Confirm descriptions are worded clearly and are consistent with information supplied within the IG.
    • Open the PSS and review the NIB history to confirm the progression of the Product edition and ballot level (INF, STU, NORM) and ballot iteration (1,2,3)
    • *To view the NIB History, after opening the SPECIFIC PSS, Click on the link labeled View Ballot Items List (with NIBs), located near the top of the page, to the right of the PSS number.
    • Open the ballot desktop and confirm the ballot cycle and file name under which the artifact was balloted.

Example: Project 210: QRDA Draft Standard for Trial Use
Click on the link labeled View Ballot Items List (with NIBs) and you'll see this:

  • Complete

Initials: GC

Date: 2023-03-20


Publication Request in HL7 CDA Pharmacy Template STU2



Step 9.

Publication Request quality attestation

Sponsoring WG Co-chair or technical resource from Sponsoring WG attests to having completed all required QA checklist steps and attests to the Implementation Guide and its publication package as meeting all requirements checked during the Publication Request QA review.

NOTE:  After a Publication Request has been fully approved, the specification author is responsible for updates to support Configuring Specification Feedback. ALSO NOTE: Configuring Specification Feedback updates also must be made prior to a specification going to ballot.  When a ballot version of a specification completes reconciliation and all comments have been resolved and the specification is approved to be published, the ballot version of the specification needs to be deprecated in JIRA and the newly published version needs to be added with deprecation=false.  The default specification version also needs to updated.

By checking complete below, confirm that the following language appears in the Sponsoring WG's motion for approval:

"Based on this WG's review of the CDA Publication Checklist for this IG  (insert link here to the completed Publication Request Checklist for the IG) and confirmation that no quality variations have been detected during the performed review, a motion has been made to approve the CDA IG Publication Request."

Link to minutes of approving workgroup:

2023-03-20 Agenda/Meeting Notes

  • Complete

Initials: GC & JD

Date: 2023-03-20

Notes:  Sent email to GC to add link in checklist.  

--------------------------------------------------Steps to complete the vote CMG ONLY -------------------------------------------------

Step 10.

Enter Request in Approval Log

Confirm the Publication Request and Candidate Publication Package has been checked-in on the CMG Document Approval Page.  (CMG Approvals Log - Current Year)

  • CMG Confirmed

Initials JD 

Date 4/4/2023


Step 11.

Perform CMG Review of Publication Request Checklist 

Confirm the link to the Publication Request Quality Checklist in the CMG Document Approval Page works.

Confirm that all the steps have been marked completed and that there are no significant issues identified.

Confirm the link to the Sponsoring WG's Minutes showing their attestation of the information contained in the Publication Request Checklist.

If the Specification Package and Publication Request passed Work Group inspection, proceed to initiate the vote in CMG. If is does not, send the request submitter information about the issue that the QA check revealed and explain how to resolve the problem.

  • CMG Confirmed

Initials JD


Sent email to GC on 4/4/2023 regarding
Approval was contingent on the following items to be completed: 

  • Deprecate past versions in
  • Asking art-decor to generate schematron
  • Fix the links to schema and schematron in _Readme.txt
  • Add an example (that validates to schema/schematron)
  • Change the header and filename from "R1" to "E1" (Recommend not required since not yet GOM adopted)
  • Post a zip file under input folder (edit publication request form) 
Step 12.

 Conduct Votezip file 

Follow steps for in-person or e-Voting to approve the request. Note: CMG instructions on how to conduct e-Voting are documented here.

Record the results of the vote in the CMG meeting minutes. Note: if the eVote completed you can proceed to Step 13 to accelerate completion of a Publication Request, then go back and record the outcome of the eVote in the CMG meeting minutes at the next CMG meeting.

  • CMG Confirmed

Initials JD 
Approval of vote on 4/5/2023 6-0-0 Lisa N / Linda M

Contingent on the following six things to be resolved: 

  1. Deprecate past versions in
  2. Asking art-decor to generate schematron
  3. Fix the links to schema and schematron in _Readme.txt
  4. Add an example (that validates to schema/schematron)
  5. Change the header and filename from "R1" to "E1" (Recommend not required since not yet GOM adopted)
  6. Post a zip file under input folder (edit publication request form)  

Date 4/5/2023



  • Deprecated old versions in
  • Schematron added to github
  • links fixed
  • Example with complex package  product added
  • file header and filename updated
  • zip file in the input folder, modified the publication request

JD Reviewed (looks good)  

Step 13.

Complete Approval Documentation

Link to vote: 2023-04-05 CMG Meeting Notes

If the vote passes to approve the publication request:

  1. Update the Publication Request with the CMG vote date and link to the CMG meeting minutes or eVote page that documents the vote outcome.
  2. Update the CMG IG Asset List to add the new version of the specification
  3. Update the CMG Approval Log - Current Year

If the vote does not pass:

  1. Update the CMG Approvals Log to note what the issues were and include the Publication Request submitter with '@' to send them a notification of the identified problem to inform them of the issues that need to be addressed before the request can be resubmitted. 
  • CMG Confirmed

Initials JD


Notes 2023-04-05 CMG Meeting Notes

Step 14.

Send Approval information to TSC

After documenting an approved Publication Request:

  1. Email TSC ( to inform them of the approved Publication Request
  • CMG Confirmed

Initials JD



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