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Update sent to team, in lieu of the call

From: Scott M Robertson
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2022 10:52 AM
To:;;;;;;;;;; Paul Wilson - NCPDP <>
Subject: Status for Pharmacy Consult Note ... 5/16 review call didn't happen

Sigh … I messed up … I forgot that I am the host for the HL7 Pharmacy Consult Note call.  I was dutifully waiting for the host to start the call until I found a conversation between Gary, Susan, and Paul.  Then it was too late (>12 min).

Wasn’t going to be much more than a status update and continued call for editing/feedback, so:


If you have not already, please take a few minutes (30 min .. or more if you can afford it) and tackle one (or more) of the following

  • Pick a section, any section, and edit for grammar, clarity, and succinctness.
  • Write up a new use case.  We know there are more consult opportunities than LTPAC.
  • Create an example Pharmacist Consultation Note.  Doesn’t have to be “pretty” but shouldn’t be “trivial” … throw in some allergies, conditions, medication list, plan(s), etc.
  • Read the document … are there ideas missing? Incomplete thoughts? Inconsistencies?

The documents are at


There was a surprisingly (to me) extensive discussion about this being a Guidance Document or a FHIR Implementation Guide.  More surprising (at least to me) is that I have been convinced that we should change to a FHIR IG.  I was swayed by increased visibility:  It’s more likely that FHIR implementers will look in the FHIR IG repository rather than look for a (pdf) document.  I think this will be very beneficial to the FHIR community (easier for developers to locate) and helpful for the NCPDP community (as a further “gentle move” into FHIR).

This means that I need to:

  1. Submit a change to the PSS
  2. Submit a FHIR IG development request
  3. Set up my system for FHIR IG development
  4. Transfer (not quite copy/paste) our existing and new content into the Pharmacy Consultation Note FHIR IG
  5. Iterate on publish, fix errors, publish …

Even with all of that, there is still a strong probability that we can go to ballot in Sept 2022 (ballot opens Aug 2022).  Worst case is will be to ballot in Jan 2023 (ballot opens Dec 2022).

That’s where we stand.  I’m working on tasks 1, 2, and 3 while putting together a time line.  I’ll update the confluence page with this information.


Agenda Items and Notes

Working & Reference Documents


Editorial Issues

  • change the name to “Pharmacist Consultation Note”
  •  review/change LTPAC-specific language to be more general (not within use cases) (sections 1-3) - Gary
    •  Sections 1-3

Review for the correct mapping to CCDA and FHIR

vocabulary and constraint issues

  • identify all code sets/vocabularies (section 5) - where a field is assigned to a specific set of terms.  are these SNOMED, LOINC, HL7, NCPDP
  • identify all constraints (section 5) - where a field is set to a (one and only one) specific value.  are these SNOMED, LOINC, HL7, NCPDP

New use cases

  • senior living 

  • specialty pharmacy 

Is a FHIR Implementation Guide is necessary

monitor changes; does anything warrant a FHIR IG?

Any Other Business

Next meeting

Monday, June 13, 2022  1 pm ET / 10 am PT

May 23 is US Memorial Day

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