What can we do to lessen the strain on health care and public health during times when both systems are most taxed (and configure the solution in a way so that it can also be used during “normal” operations)? This Priority Area will focus on priority measures to demonstrate ways FHIR can help deliver mission-critical capacity information to public health partners on the front lines both during emergencies and routine operations. It will:

  • Align measures and terminology to the conventions that others are adopting via FHIR as a “north star” to help reduce (and mitigate the burden of) jurisdictional variation
  • Identify opportunities to replace Excel spreadsheets and other manual forms of data capture. 

Project Champions

Hans Buitendijk (Oracle Cerner) and Ravi Kafle (Washington Department of Health)

Current Status

The Project Champions are working to refine the goals and approaches for the Priority Area. 


  • Establish the current landscape for aggregate data reporting
  • Pilot the exchange of combined measures (superset and subset) based on priority and Project Team resources
  • Explore the overlap and sharing of aggregate data and the underlying line level data
  • Identify gaps and overlaps with existing projects to develop guidance on implementing aggregate reporting through a variety of exchange methods

Building Blocks


  • Inventory existing aggregate measures (HHS and jurisdiction specific)
  • Identify the likely sources of data (e.g., EHR, Bed Management System, ERP) for measures
  • Implement pilot exchanges
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