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Updated July 14 to cull out earlier notes & refocus on moving forward in the HL7 process. Co-chair Virginia Lorenzi will shepherd this aspect.

Project, etc, of interestEngage with:Project lead/sStatus / next step

These two are new to HL7 - we created Project Proposals, which were approved, so we're working on Project Scope Statements (PSS) per templates at  Project Proposals Home (new HL7 process for 2020)

Corrections to errors in the record

As always in HL7 this is not about the sociological processes, it's about the data elements required to enable a corrections workflow.

n/a - new

Project proposal 1599 by John Moehrke approved:Go to link

Patient Corrections to errors in the record

Populate the draft PSS - it's nearly empty

Patient-Contributed Data 

This is intentionally distinct from existing terms such as PGHD (patient-generated health data). Patient-contributed data can include observations, preferences, goals, anything that comes from the patient side of the clinical relationship.

n/a - new

Project proposal 1655 approved: 

Create a white paper on patient contributed data

Finalize the draft PSS (needs to be changed into new format - see Virginia Lorenzi)

These two priorities have existing WGs with whom we'll engage:
Care Planning

Patient Care



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