Updated by WG 3/30/23


The Patient Empowerment Work Group was formed to identify and define requirements for standards that enable individuals and caregivers to identify their personal needs, requirements and preferences for health information data exchange and accessibility.   

Our mission is to represent, accommodate, and empower individuals and patients in HL7’s standards work to guide the design of a more inclusive healthcare system that serves the people it is intended to serve with HL7 standards as the mechanism for doing so.


This Work Group provides a forum for all interested parties who want to promote a person’s right to be represented when standards are developed to access, update, and exchange their health information whether for their own use or for transfer to other entities. 

The recipients of care inevitably have a different perspective than those creating and working in the healthcare system, and that perspective needs to be included by direct participation of patients and caregivers in the HL7 standards process.

The focus of this group will be on the information content, secure and permitted access, and accuracy of people’s health information with an over-arching agreement that the subject’s health and device-initiated information needs to be permitted to be eligible for exchange of as the world becomes more and more inter-connected.

The WG will also work with and provide guidance and recommendations to other WGs that should be ensuring people can access, update, and be stewards of their own health information.

Relationship With Other Groups

Relationships with other HL7 Working Groups

Patient Empowerment strives to work with many other work groups within HL7 to amplify the patient voice.  No formal relationships exist at this time.  However, the group has or is currently collaborating with:

  • Patient Care
  • Orders and Observations
  • Community Based Care and Privacy
  • EHR WG
  • Human and Social Services
  • Vocabulary
  • Fast Health Interoperability Resources Infrastructure
  • Mobile Health

External relationships

Patient Empowerment does not have formal relationships with any external group but is interested in collaboration to ensure that the patient perspective is considered in all standards work.  The group is actively collaborating with PACIO and interested in the work being done in other groups to support workflows with the patient empowerment perspective such as Argonaut, CARIN Alliance, Vulcan, and Gravity, for example. 

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