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Microsoft Word Document Patient Empowerment Literature and Groups.docx Sep 20, 2019 by Virginia Lorenzi
Microsoft Word Document Patient Advocacy Workgroup Proposal (2).docx Oct 25, 2019 by Virginia Lorenzi
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation A Tour OF HL7 for PEW.pptx Oct 25, 2019 by Virginia Lorenzi
Microsoft Word Document FAQ_HL7 Patient Empowerment Group_21-Nov-2019.docx Nov 22, 2019 by Rachel Richesson
Microsoft Word Document discussion and edits for Mission and Charter from 1-9-19 PE meeting.docx Jan 10, 2020 by Virginia Lorenzi

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  1. Related to what I mentioned about the benefits of including patients as active participants:

    Having patients as active participants, healthcare organisations are able to target their resources in a meaningful way.

    In cooperation with the patients, healthcare organizations can identify patients who are totally happy with taking care of themselves very independently, requiring less support and human resources. This leaves the valuable human resources to be used where they really matter.

    This is of key importance when digitizing healthcare processes. And it will only work when patients and their care-givers are really involved.