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Important from past meeting:

We encourage everyone to view the great 9/3/20 meeting recording online.  (Mac users need to append ".mp4" to the filename.)

  • Pt Contributed Data discussion starts around 4:40.
    • Important distinctions in minutes below, particularly a Zulip thread about "patient writeback" to EHRs, and that the scope of our work (like all of FHIR) is far broader than just EHRs
  • Dave Hill's rich, broad PACIO presentation starts at 22:08. (If a virtual meeting could have a standing O, this would have gotten one)


Agenda Outline

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion


5 minutes only

Welcome any newcomers 


Admin (5 min)Approval of this Agendadone

Prior call Minutes (9/24/20) approval

WGM (5 min)WGM summary

All our sessions were recorded. HL7 is uploading videos to our Confluence page this week.

To encourage new people, we now have a shortlink direct to our Confluence home page:

We took minutes for most sessions in this folder on that page: September 2020 WGM Attendance and Minutes

30 min Advance Directives - our new PACIO project

Amended 10/8 to correctly show the history: (moved by Maria; second Dave Hill; unanimously approved)

At our weekly WG GoToMeeting call last week (9/24) (during the WGM week) we , the 14 present voted unanimously (with 1 abstention) to sponsor a third project: the PACIO advance directives that was presented in our Sept 3 call (See discussion at 22:00 in the recording) and approved the Project Scope Statement.

Today Dave Hill of MITRE / PACIO presented the project.  See recording.

PACIO is an independent initiative, with existing team and work under way. (Work has already been done on PSS.)


Finalize USCDI recommendations
(ONC's deadline is Oct 9)

Three requests have been filled out in our S3 connector: This folder

  • Unique Device Identifiers
  • Advance Directives
  • Structured Clinical Observations

Update Oct 8: although our WG's submissions (the three items above) have already gone in on 9/30, the ONC deadline for additional items has been extended two weeks to Oct 23. Anyone can submit.

Debi proposes adding patient correction requests and their outcome. (HIPAA requires that the request becomes part of the record, as well as the result of the request) 

Note: we haven't yet defined the FHIR resources that will be used for this - our IG isn't complete yet - but we want to get this on people's radar.

Note: Several people mention that Advance Directives are THE hot topic at this year's WGM

Adjourn2 pm

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