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Agenda Outline

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion


Welcome any newcomers 


Welcome Dave Hill from PACIO - looking at advanced directives

OrganizationApproval of this Agendaapproved

Prior call Minutes (8/20/20) approvalapproved

Our projects:Debi created a folder structure for projects:  Projects

Patient Corrections3PM Monday calls.  See our project calendar for details.

Pt Contributed Data (Jan & Maria)

1Pm Monday call.  See our project calendar for details.

Action item: Jan will populate the Patient Contributed Data Project folder with minutes and google doc.

Continued to review the Google Doc where the project's thoughts are being collected.  

Discussed scope of the document:

  • chose to include data coming from an implanted device as patient contributed data (patients often do not have access to this data). 
  • chose to leave out patient contributed administrative data such as change of address or schedule request. 

A key purpose of whitepaper is to help us define further projects/priorities.  Also to inform on patient's perspective.  Nancy recommended to look at Kantara - Eve Mailer's piece.

ACTION: Review this document and comment by next meeting.

Update on Project Logistics/HL7 process

OUR ACTION:  We need to review the old / deprecated "Documents" folder on our project's home page, so that we can move things to the new "S3 File Connector" instead. (Dave posted a Zulip question 8/25 asking for help in understanding this.)

Did not discuss

September meetings: Connectathon

Discuss connectathon participation.  Sept 9-11 virtual FHIR Connectathon: registration and info here 

Our participation in Sept 9-11 Connectathon:

  • PACIO/ELTSS: Nancy (Patient-Centric Solutions)
  • Care Coordination: PatientLink, MaxMD, 
  • Gravity: MaxMD

(Note: there's another Connectathon coming in January.)

Mikael will not be at the HL7 connectathon because he is participating in Europe HIMSS.  Its virtual and free.  He is presenting on Friday of it:

WG meeting

Review/update draft WGM agenda

Register for meeting here:  Early bird rate ends September 7th.

Did not discuss.  Maria to look at her participation and availability further.  Mikael is considering attending

Additional topics: Advanced directives and individual as custodianDave Hill - will invite him back for next week.  Will provide overview of PACIO and patient perspectives (example, patient preferences, advanced directives).  Looking at advanced directives and considering taking it on as a new project with PEW as a sponsor.  Lisa is adding individual as custodian in her comments on Patient Contributed Data google doc.  Debi noted that if you have agenda topics, feel free to email the co-chairs, and that we plan agenda on Tuesdays.


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