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Chairs:  Virginia LorenziDebi Willis

Scribe: Dave deBronkart





Dave deBronkartDave deBronkarty
Virginia Lorenziy
Debi Willisy
LLoyd McKenziey
Rachel Richessony

Mikael Rinnetmäki

Nancy Lushy
Lisa Nelson
Jan Oldenburgy
Marie Moen
Abigail Watsony
John Moehrke
John Keyesy
Terrie Reedy
Jose Costa Teixeira
Bart Carlson

Casey ThompsonCasey R. Thompsony
Didi Davis - VP @ Sequoia Projecty

Meeting Info:

HL7 Patient Empowerment 
United States: +1 (872) 240-3212,,,322-275-573 

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(15 min)

Welcome newcomers


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co-chair nominations and elections

LAST CALL! Send nominations to: by June 15.   While you can just submit your name, often people submit a short bio as you can see here.

We want at least one more person other than Debi/Dave/Virginia to run.  Abigail Watson will contact Linda@ to self-nominate. 

HL7 policy points:

  • listserves (and most likely chat) cannot be used for "campaigning". 
  • To run for co-chair you must be an HL7 member
  • To vote on HL7 ballots you must also be subscribed to the listserv

Devdays and other News

DevDays Virtual has the first US Patient Innovator Track; Abbie, Nancy, Didi, Casey, Dave, Lloyd, Virginia attending

Rumor of upcoming Patient Access API Connectathon(?) this summer. (Viet Nguyen knows about this)

PE WG projects 

(30 min)

Patient Contributed Data (Jan & Maria)

PSS-1655 - Create a white paper on patient contributed data IN REVIEW 

One comment received on the proposal page - pasted here: 

k.connorKathleen Connor added a comment - 6 days ago

Please loop in the CBCP and Security WGs on this projects as there are both policy and technical privacy/security issues that this topic touches on.  I anticipate that both WGs will be happy to assist the project with input on both.

Nancy Lush wants to work on this.

Patient Corrections (Debi, Abbie)Debi will present an unfinished PSS draft next week

Care Plan - Next Steps?
(Lisa R. Nelson)

Tracking Care Plan elsewhere in HL7 - what are next steps for our WG?

Nancy suggests it may be good for our group to articulate our POV. (Dave: should we propose a white paper project, like Jan's for pt-contributed data??) She will represent our WG in discussions elsewhere.

Abbie & Didi: Care plan (generically) touches on LOTS of different groups (5-8?) including at IHE - there will be lots of relationships to build and maintain. (Mikael wants to see that list)

(Dave sneaks in an editorial aside ... our greatest impact early-on may be to create a white paper including illuminating use cases. Might Rachel leverage her PCORI experience on how to message about this?)

Consents (John, Mikael)John Moehrke's presentation last week was cut short. Continue please at an upcoming meeting!
Other WGs' project proposals that we might follow

Examples: - Vital Signs Project,   "Account, Payments, and Statements" (Billing statement to patients, payments from patients)

Which should we be following?  How do we spot them and what do we do about them?   How do you-all (HL7) do this in other groups?

HL7 Project Proposals page link:

The project proposals space in confluence:


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