September FHIR Connectathon Information

  • When: September 9-10, 2023
  • Where: Phoenix, AZ

  • Objectives: To test transmitting physical activity-related observations, transmitting and updating physical activity goals and plans, and retrieving physical activity orders. 

  • Kick-off event: Tuesday August 29 2:30-3:30PM ET - Link to event can be found on the track page.
  • Additional information for this event and report-outs from previous Connectathons can be found here.


Having sufficient levels of physical activity is essential to maintaining good health.  Improving physical activity levels has been shown to improve healthcare outcomes.  However, there are not yet any widely adopted data standards around representing physical activity nor the interventions that will help patients improve and sustain their physical activity levels.  This project intends to establish data sharing standards for:

  1. the primary measure used to evaluate a patient's level of physical activity;
  2. additional supplementary observations that can be used to support and/or provide more granular detail around the primary measure, such as step counts, heart rate levels, and daily exercise logs;
  3. plans and goals related to physical activity, including workflow processes to share and support updating of those plans and goals by clinicians, patients, care-givers and physical activity professionals (e.g. personal trainers, fitness centers, physical therapists, etc.)
  4. orders for interventions to improve or better sustain physical activity, including workflows to share, solicit execution of, and monitor delivery against those orders by physical activity professionals;
  5. sharing information about interventions performed as well as feedback related to patient and/or caregiver satisfaction with the interventions

The project encourages all those with an interest in improving patient physical activity to join our effort, participate in conversations, assist in the review of our materials, and most importantly, participate in early adoption and implementation.

At present, the project is scoped to U.S. implementation.  However, we welcome non-U.S. participants.  If we gain sufficient non-U.S. interest, we will explore transitioning the project to a 'universal' specification, or at least publishing a 'universal' variant.

This project is sponsored, in part, by the U.S. Physical Activity Alliance.


NOTE: You do NOT need to be an HL7 member to participate in calls, sign up to the listserv, join in discussion on Zulip, or provide feedback on the specification.  However, you will need to create (free) accounts for HL7, Zulip and possibly HL7 Confluence/Jira.
That said, we encourage you to join HL7 to benefit from discounts on conferences, education, and free participation in the ballot process.

Conference Calls

NOTE: The project team will be taking a "summer break" the weeks of July 25 and August 1, 2023. Meetings will resume on August 8, 2023 with an every-other-week cadence. 

The project conducts project web meetings convening domain experts and other interested parties to help define, confirm and refine the interoperability standards needed. These are held every other Tuesday from 2:30-3:30pm. Please sign up for the Physical Activity listserv under Patient Care to receive cancelation notifications.

Web meeting details: Microsoft Teams linkor join by phone: +1 469-480-3037 with a phone Conference ID: 419 768 603#

Minutes from past calls can be found here.


Notices with respect to conference calls as well as other significant events will be distributed via the physical-activity list serv. Click here to go to the Listserv page, then select the Patient Care work group and sign up to the Physical Activity list.

Discussion forum

Detailed day-to-day discussion with respect to the project will happen on HL7's Zulip threaded discussion forum.  The physical activity thread on that forum can be found here.

Monthly Newsletter

A monthly newsletter updating the progress of this work and important updates to the It's Time to Move initiative is sent to the Listserv and can also be found here.


Connectathons, whether in-person or virtual, are an opportunity to test-drive different parts of an implementation guide, provide feedback, and to have input into the functionality of an implementation. More information about Connectathons and to see the report-outs of our previous Connectathons can be found here.

Cornerstone Group

Tentatively scheduled to start meeting in August 2023, the Cornerstone Group will consist of key stakeholders (e.g., health systems, payers, technology companies, clinicians, community-based organizations, qualified health professionals. etc.) to co-create solutions and opportunities to build off of each other’s work and make PA assessment, prescription and referral a standard of care supporting people on their journeys toward active living. This group will be dedicated to implementing the standard in their own work and organization, as well as, helping other organizations to implement the standard. If interested in participating in this group, please contact Paul Chase and/or Laurie Whitsel.

Key Contacts

If you have any questions with respect to the project, or would like to get involved, please reach out to one of the following:

Implementations & resources

Background documentation

Related Initiatives

The HL7 Physical Activity project relies on work developed by other initiatives within the HL7 community.  If you are interested in our work, you might well be interested in theirs and we encourage you to join their respective communities:

  • The Gravity Project is focused on Social Determinants of Health and defines several of the workflows and artifacts leveraged by this implementation guide.  As well, SDOH issues can often impact patient's abilities to pursue physical activity.
  • The Argonaut Project drives the foundational standards used in U.S. EHR systems, including many of the profiles used in the physical activity IG

If there's information you'd like to see on this page (or referenced from it) that isn't here, please let one of the contacts listed above know.

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