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Current Co-Chairs

  • Stephen Chu
  • Laura Heermann-Langston
  • Jay Lyle
  • Michelle Miller
  • Michael Padula
  • Michael Tan
  • Emma Jones

Meeting Information

Phone Number: +1 563-999-2090
Participant Passcode: 792564
Chair:  Emma Jones
Scribe:  Emma Jones



Elaine AyresNIH/Department of Clinical Research Informatics
 XStephen ChuThe Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA)

Evelyn GallegoEMI Advisors LLC
XLenel JamesBCBS
XCarlos VillarrealBCBS
XWalter SuarezKaiser Permanente
 XRob HausamHausam Consulting LLC
 XLaura Heermann-LangfordIntermountain Healthcare
 XEmma JonesAllscripts
XGeorge DixonAllscripts
 XRuss LeftwichInterSystems
 XJay LyleOckham Information Services LLC, VA
 XMichelle M MillerCerner
 XLisa NelsonLife Over Time Solutions
 XMike PadulaThe Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
 XMichael Tan NICTIZ 
XAmit PopatEpic
XViet NguyenStrata Metrics
XBob DieterleEnable Care

Matt Lord

Quorum (chair + 3) met - Yes


Agenda Review

SDoH White Paper PSS (George Dixon) - 15 minutes

    1. Social Determinants of Health in Care Planning (PCWG).docx


SDoH has come up as a Care Plan DAM topic. The goal of this white paper is NOT defining SDOH, want to inform what it is. Anybody who is interested is encouraged to participate. This will be an Informative document. 
Recommendations are encouraged. The plan is to have discussions during PC Tuesday calls at 5PM EST- There is draft review call tomorrow March 12, 2019. 

What risk that this work will become another source trying to bring together work done by SIREN and AAFP that will soon be an HL7 acceleration program?
Response: Don't want to repeat other works. Want to explain what SDoH is.

One of the task added to SIREN and AAFP project is to initiate an HL7 artifact. First year charter is around use cases and value sets. Wondering if this work will be written in a way that will bring the work together.
Response: Initially when looked at SDoH as an important patient characteristics and need to address for planning care. Found a number of variety. This was the main goal for putting together this white paper. Hope to be able to tap into the various group. And we did get some info from Evelyn's SIREN work. 

Univ of Chicago did an environmental scan, BCBS has done environmental scan. Have had multiple environmental scans. Folks are sick of environmental scans. Response: This work is not another environmental scan. This work is meant to be a means of exploring what SDoH means for various use cases that can become an informal guide that can be used in modeling a Domain Analysis. 

The whole approach to SDoH work seems chaotic. Looks like folks are not sure what is meant by SDoH.  Response: Looks like a major group of stake holders need to come together to share a collection of what they believe SDoH i.

    1. Motion: Due to time limitation on this call, motion is to continue this discussion about a need for a white paper to Tuesday March 12 at 5pm; Moved: Lenel; Second: Stephen 

                     Further Discussion: Yes on Tuesday March 12 at 5pm EST Vote: Abstain: 1; Against: 0; For: 16

C-CDA 2.1 update PSS (Lisa Nelson) 15 minutes

The PSS is posted here:

Discussion: Would PC like to be a co-sponsor? 

Project Needs - need maintenance, stay aligned with regulatory requirements and need for new publishing capabilities (moving the templates in to FHIR tooling)

The focus is on the emerging ONC driven regulatory core data for interoperability. Plan is to bring over existing work. Will consider work addressing USCDI v1 requirements. This will be newly added work. 

PC is requesting engagement in template modeling and content design. For example, USCDI has Care Team as a data class. If this project create new template, would like for it to incorporate work done for PC care team FHIR resource as well as LHS DAM work. Same applies to new work that need to be aligned with PC Care Plan DAM. 

Motion: PC to be co-sponsor. Moved: George; Second: Lisa
Vote: against 0, abstain 1, for 16

HL7 V2 - Chapt 2 - 5 minutes

      1. Ballot Comments (Amit Popat)
        1. Discussion: 

          Comment Number 88 - should not have this statement in V2 chapter 12 . It's remnant of something else and should be removed. 

        2. Updates provided -  See chapter 12.3.1 thru 12.3.4
      2. Motion: Comment 88 - Move to accept as resolution as persuasive; Moved: Amit; Second: Lisa
      3. Further Discussion: none; Vote: Abstain: 0; Against: 0; For: 14

Da Vinvi - Out of Cycle Ballot 15 minutes

    1. Given the recent NPRM, we (Da Vinci) are revaluating the timing of our upcoming IG ballots. Instead of submitting  a ballot for comment in May, we would like to submit an STU1 ballot for HREx in July. This allows us more time to prepare a more complete ballot and do Connectathon testing. As such we have submitted the attached request to TSC for approving an early ballot. This requires approval from Patient Care for CDex and CIC for HRex since you are the sponsors of these PSSs.

Discussion: DaVinci submitted a number of IGs for comment ballot for May and Sept. NPRM has significant items that starts Jan 1 2020 for insurance plans to exchange patient data when the member changes insurance plans. Timing of this impacts the current work. Because of the current implementation timing,  have to get the work done and published in the fall. Have discussed with HL7 TSC to go for an earlier than Sept ballot STU. This will allow balloting in July which will leave up until Sept to resolve ballot comments and get the guides published in the fall. By going to ballot earlier will meet the needed time line. This will support Connecthathons in May and also a davinci sponsored connecthathon. This will provide time for reference implementations and test suites development work. DaVinci is also funding two formal reviews to review content. Similar PSS have been  been approved by FM, CIC and this one needs approval from PC for CDex. 

Motion:  To move to July 2019 ballot. Moved: Stephen ; Second: Viet; Further Discussion: None; Vote: Abstain: 1; Against: 0; For: 13

2nd topic - After analyzing the NPRM, additional project scope statements are needed. Six more PSS - Five for FM WG, One for PC (PSS is here) Patient reported data PSS. Providers and payers need to get info from patients. Request to discuss this week with patient care due to TSC timelines. Action: Emma will ask Laura to add this PSS to Wed Care Plan Agenda for discussion. Michelle is unable to add to the PC FHIR call agenda this week due to previously planned discussion about adverse events. 

Deferred to another Call:

LHS Topic - Clinical Questions (for discussion with PC - Goal is to plan time for a more lengthy discussion): 10 minutes

            1. Condition (Russ) - when 2 different providers are thinking about a condition and calling the same manifestation by different names. FHIR has no way to indicate that two conditions are pointing to the same evidence. 
              1. Discussion:
            2. Procedure Status - kinds of status associated with procedure are workflow clinical status.  Need to provide clarification for statuses
              1. Example Use Cases (UC):
                  1. UC 1 - Procedures that are completed but the results are not adequate. Results in the need for the procedure to be repeated (this is causing issues with Health reports).
                  2. UC 2 - Care team members role/activity based on workflow clinical statuses
              2. Action item - let LHS know when discussion is planned.   


Adjourned at <6: 08 pm> <EST>.

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