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Current Co-Chairs

  • Stephen Chu
  • Laura Heermann-Langston
  • Jay Lyle
  • Michelle Miller
  • Michael Padula
  • Michael Tan
  • Emma Jones

Meeting Information

Phone Number: +1 563-999-2090
Participant Passcode: 792564
Chair:  Emma Jones
Scribe:  Emma Jones



Elaine AyresNIH/Department of Clinical Research Informatics
XStephen ChuThe Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA)

Evelyn GallegoEMI Advisors LLC

Rob HausamHausam Consulting LLC
XLaura Heermann-LangfordIntermountain Healthcare

Emma JonesAllscripts

Russ LeftwichInterSystems
XJay LyleOckham Information Services LLC, VA

Michelle M MillerCerner

Lisa NelsonLife Over Time Solutions

Mike PadulaThe Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
XMichael Tan NICTIZ 
XViet Nguyen
XRick Geimer
XGay Dolin
XFred Rogers
XRobert McClure
XThom Kuhn

Quorum (chair + 3) met?  


  1. Agenda Review
    1. Gender Harmony Project PSS - Presented by Robert McClure MD
      1. Need approval vote from PC (Co-Sponsor)
        1. Motion:  Robert McClure Moved for PC to co-sponsor; Thom Kuhns Second
          1. Vote: 0 abstain; 0 against; 10 For 
      2. Rob McClure provided a quick walk through of the Jira page - (June 10)
      3. Topic to be discussed Today (17 June)
    2. CDex Project
      1. CDex Implementation Guide Update (DaVinci Project  - Jocelyn Keegan or representative)
      2. Topic deferred till Today (17 June)
  2. Previous meeting (June 10, 2019) - Call Deferred to today's call. 
  3. Discussions
    1. Gender Harmony Project
      1. Vocab is sponsoring
      2. Intention is an informative document - international realm to describe sex gender types. Goal is to have well described context for the use of Gender and Sex identity. For example, gender identity is one of the sex identity type. Sex values are not gender identity. Some times a person in one context is described as a male and in another context is called a female. Trying to fix a "clinical contexts" that will provide names, descriptions, values that are appropriate for use, if context allows for unknown, other; context may be closed; context may be open; context may be permanent; etc. 
      3. Targeting January or May 2020 ballot
      4. PSS is in the new JIRA Tool
      5. Universal Realm - Canada, other countries contributing
      6. Requesting input - meets Q2weeks Monday at 4pm EST. 
      7. Trying to engage folks in the LGBTQ community
      8. Have participation from NCPDP, Allscripts and some of the EHR Vendors. Participants can provide comments on Confluence
      9. Question: mixing clinical sex and HL7 administrative gender becomes messy - is this the direction of this project? 
        1. Community have not done a good job of clearly identifying these contexts. Doing this is not good enough. The community feels this need to be improved. Identifying places where the existing model need to change. 
        2. Concern with the clinical sex side - that this harmonization project will result in a mix value set that include both administrative and clinical sex values. Clinical sex is used to assess a disorder. Admin sex is used to room a patient. WIll this result in a valueset with a mix of both?
          1. No. Whole point of the project is to not mix the two concepts. 
        3. Is there active engagement from neonatologists? Mike McClure is a pediatrician, Mike Padula knows about this project. We need folks who sees babies. Michael Tan can assist with this by putting it forward to their pediatric team. 
          1. Participation - Here is main project page - encourage folks can provide input/comments
    2. CDex Implementation Guide Updates - Presented by Viet and Rick
      1. Discussion: Thurs SDWG did  a review and had a few comments. WIll show the changes made. 
        1. Terminology page - does not define any value sets. Points to US Core. May need to include a grouping value sets that points to Grahame tooling that will need a user name and PW until Grahame updates the tooling. will not be able to see the values until the tooling is updated. Will work with Grahame before going to publish. It's a value set of document types that can be responded to into a query. This value set goes beyond the scope of what is in CDA. Defining a single extension for the request that need to bind to a value set. SME on the calls just wanted one extension. 
        2. Capability statements - WIll make consistent in the actor descriptions. 
        3. TOC - Examples page - had a lot of place holder examples where the links have been updated. Still need to do one example. will complete after this call. 
        4. Overview of the IG provided. Discussion about the value set needed for the note type - Rob provided. SDWG questions have been answered. 
        5. Rick Moved: Motion to approve to go to ballot with the changes made that were requested by SDWG pending the few updates still needed, Viet second
          1. Vote: 0 abstain/0 against/10 for


Lisa has placed the CDA collaboration calls on hold until end of July - ACTION: Emma will cancel unneeded time slots weekly until they resume. 




Adjourned at <hh:mm am/pm> <timezone>.

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  2. Approve previous meeting minutes

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