Meeting Time: 2:00 PM EST / 19:00 UTC / 20:00 CET

Chair and Scribe: Rob Hausam

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Meeting ID: 891 9761 2486
Passcode: 401388

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XMike Nusbaum

Derek Ritz

Stephen Kay

XThe Sequoia Project & IHE International
XJames Kariuki


Amit Trivedi

Smile Digital Health

Thomas ZhouAlberta Health

Natasha Kreisle

Peter Jordan

Emma Jones

Elliot Silver

Sylvia Thun
XGary Dickinson

Jane Millar
XJohn D'Amore

Uriel Neuberger

Bjorn-Erik Erlandsson

Andrea MacLeanCHI

Al TaylorONC

Nancy Lush
XRichard Dixon-HughesTC215

Smile Digital Health
XDjowin Schippers

Apologies: Derek Ritz, Steve Kay

Minutes Approved as Presented 

Minutes from IPS Cross-SDO Collaboration 2023-03-08

Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

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ManagementReview/Revision of the agenda 
  • Announcements
  • Schedule for ongoing meetings
  • Report on IHE’s proposed aIPS profile
  • Preliminary working draft of JIC resolution and Terms of Reference
  • IPS governance update
  • IPS process update
  • IPS comment triage and resolution
  • IPS Web site update
  • AOB
  • Next agenda

  • IPS called out by Grahame at Australian FHIR Connectathon plenary session

Schedule for ongoing meetings


  • Some options for consideration
    • Continue with single biweekly meeting of present group (plus others who wish to join)
    • Or two different meetings (and potentially two different groups)
    • Or increase meeting frequency to weekly
      • With the same, or alternating topics (biweekly)
        • IPS communication and policy
        • IPS comment triage and resolution
      • Or have communication and policy 1 x monthly, with comment triage and resolution on most weeks
    • Other ideas?


  • Do we need to change anything with the schedule at this point?  Or keep it the same? 
    • Keep the schedule as is for now
    • Triage is the most work, but preparation is key

Report on IHE’s proposed aIPS profile (Mike Nusbaum)


  • New proposed IPS profile aIPS - accessibility of IPS (slide from Mike)
  • New item in "IPS ecosystem"
  • Work item is to update existing PCC profile (PDF) to IG publication (FHIR IG Publisher tooling)
  • Two questions
    • Current status of FHIR IPS IG?
      • Plan ballot for 2.0 release - expected ballot September 2023
    • Current status of CDA IPS? 
      • No recent progress, no move to withdraw - waiting for expressions of interest and resource availability
      • Europe has interest and activity (Giorgio), but moving toward FHIR
  • Call for participation for aIPS

Preliminary working draft of JIC resolution and Terms of Reference (Richard D-H)


  • Documents distributed
    • JIC Executive Decision Paper
      • Establish committee based on ToR
    • Terms of Reference
      • Committee delegate for each IPS artifact
      • Responsibility for development, maintenance and publication (and IP) remains with the collaborating SDO
        • Need to make an explicit statement regarding IP
    • JIC Rules
  • Will review documents and discuss next meeting (April 5)
    • Submit comments by April 2

IPS governance update (brief)


  • Parallel activity with xSDO calls
  • Small team
  • relationship with JIC and GDHP
  • Discussions proceeding - beginning next week



  • Group name - JICC(C), IPSCC?

IPS process update (brief)


  • Jane has explored the internal resources for IPS support in SNOMED Int.
    • Jane will head this, work with Rory (Chief Technical Officer), and Robert
      • Discussions next week
    • Mixture of Confluence and Jira
    • Need to provide requirements
  • Suzy will be the SNOMED artifacts person 


  • Prepared slides
  • Initial state transition diagram


  • Process group is meeting weekly
    • Initial look at comments


CAG1 update

IPS comment triage and resolution


  • Steve presented slides on the current state of 27269 comments
    • Steve will distribute the comments early next week
  • Will plan to begin reviewing/triaging comments next call
  • Catherine and Giorgio have use cases to present
  • Canadian Projectathon in 6 weeks (3rd week of March - March 20)
    • Reach out to Attila
  • Catherine will work with Gary


  • Began review of comments (start with #1)



  • Continue discussion and work on comment #37
  • Robert shared document
    • Included the complete documentation of the comment
    • Prepared recommendations from Process group

IPS Web site update (if time and as needed)




Management Next agenda

Next meeting April 5, 2023 2:00 PM EDT / 18:00 UTC / 20:00 CET

 Adjourned at 3:?? PM EDT /  19:?? UTC /  21:?? CEST

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