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This page collects information relevant for the planning of the IPS CDA IG maintenance and adoption.

Revision Plan

To be taken in account



wider scope of the IPS (not only cross-borders..)

Introduction; Project; Scope
Alignement with ISO 27269
Wider SDO collaborationGeneral Principles; Relationships with other projects and guidelines
HL7/IHE IPS CDA maintenance
Relationship with the FHIR IPS IG
Html Publication ?

    (if html) common entry point; shared common parts

Text revision

Highlight the sections whose text should be revised, and in case how

1 Introduction 

revise the IPS description (align with the latest views) 

1.1 Purpose

1.2 Project Background

simplify and update ?

1.3 Scope

1.4 General Principles for this Specification

1.5 Structuring Choices

1.6 Ballot Status of the Document

1.7 Audience

1.8 Relationships with other projects and guidelines

1.9 Reading Publication Artifacts

2 Technical Background

2.1 What is a CDA

2.2 Templated CDA

2.3 Open and Closed Templates

2.4 Template versioning

2.5 Conformance Verbs

2.6 Identifiers for Templates and Value Sets

2.7 Terminologies

2.7.1 Value Set Definitions

2.7.2 Value Set Expansions

2.7.3 How to extend Value Sets

3 Functional requirements and high-level use cases

3.1 Code mappings and multilingual support

3.1.1 Concept code mapping

3.1.2 Multilingual support Translation of Designations Narrative Translation

4 Design conventions and principles

4.1 How to use terminologies (preferred binding)

4.1.1 Primary Code

4.1.2 Alternate Code

4.1.3 Original Text

4.2 Representing "known absent" and "not known"

4.3 Uncoded information

4.4 Unmapped Coded Concepts

4.5 Mapped coded concepts

4.6 Translation of designations

4.7 Narrative Translations

4.8 Determining the Status of Clinical Statement

4.9 The use of medication statements in the summary

4.10 Medicinal Product Identification

4.11 Provenance

4.12 Representation of Names

5 Conformance clause

6 CDA Document Level Templates

6.1 International Patient Summary

7 CDA Header Level Templates


8 CDA Section Level Templates


9 CDA Entry Level Templates


10 HL7 V2/V3 Datatype Level Template

10.1 IPS Address

11 Appendix (Informative)

11.1 Acronyms and abbreviations

11.2 Glossary

11.3 Real World User Stories

11.3.1 IPS Storyboard 1: Martha, a traveling corporate executive

11.3.2 IPS Storyboard 2: Paolo, a retired businessman

11.3.3 IPS Storyboard 3: Diana, a pregnant woman

11.4 Integrated examples

11.5 Validation artifacts

11.6 Operational information

11.7 Licenses

11.8 FAQ’s

12 List of all artifacts used in this guide

12.1 CDA Templates

12.2 CDA Template References

12.3 Unconstrained Templates from the original CDA specification

12.4 Value Sets

12.5 Value Sets References

12.6 Data Types

12.7 Extensions

12.7.1 Detailed medications information

12.7.2 Translation of designations

13 How to read the table view for templates

13.1 Template Meta data

13.2 Table view of Template Design

13.2.1 Details of the table view

13.3 How to read the Templates hierarchical graph view

13.4 How to read the where criteria

14 References

14.1 Literature

14.2 Links

14.3 Figures

STU to Normative process

  1. Request a 2 years STU extension
    • end of August/begin of September ?
  2. Decide the type of ballot for the version
    • likely STU2, target after IHE connectathons Jan 2021
  3. Agree the content of this new ballot
    • templates added by the IHE IPS profile (star)
    • persuasive STU comments (star)
    • changes derived from the FHIR IG alignment (star)
    • Pharma Template alignment (star)
    • IHE change proposals (if any) 
    • C-CDA/IPS "harmonized" templates ?
    • Provenance 
    • change requests from adopters 
    • "generic" templates where not defined yet ? (e.g. Pharma template)
  4. Update and process the STU comments
    1. add changes from the Pharma Template alignment
    2. resolve existing comments
  5. FHIR IG alignment
    1. define the rules for "alignment"
      1. New section (yes)
        1. Add Vital Signs
      2. Vocabulary binding strength (yes/No) 
        1. change the route of admin and dose form value set binding strength to preferred
      3. ??
    2. How to proceed with this analysis ?


  • strategy for the maintenance / alignment between CDA and FHIR 
    • sequential ? (as done so far )
    • parallel ?  (star) to be further discussed but it seems to be the best option. 
  • how to balance need for changes and stability expectations 
  • how to capture feedback form stakeholders/users
  • evaluate the impact and the availability of (human) resources
  • C-CDA/IPS harmonization
  • HL7 IHE common maintenance
    • tested in 2 connect-a-thons to move to final text (Nov 2020 EU; US Jan 2021)
    • template versioning (inside Art Decor; reported in the templates)
    • try to to agree common meeting (e.g. invite IHE to the HL7 WGM) for discussing potential changes to the profiles
    • define the main milestones for the two HL7 and IHE life cycles
    • how to coordinate FHIR and CDA IHE and -thon tracks
    • make an initial triage of the comment and anticipate to the IHE group the relevant changes.
  • eHDSI ?
  • X-ehealth ?
  • feedbacks to CEN/ISO

Technical maintenance

  • how to apply changes on Art Decor and IG 
  • publication wiki (where)
  • freeze HL7/IHE published versions 
  • ....

Support for adoption

  • September IAT
  • examples
  • testing and validation
    • IHE Gazelle // Connectathon
  • education

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