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1a. Project Name

Gravity Project FHIR IG

1c. Is Your Project an Investigative Project (aka PSS-Lite)?


1d. Is your Project Artifact now proceeding to Normative directly or after being either Informative or STU?


2d. Project Facilitator

Lisa Nelson

2e. Other Interested Parties (and roles)

Vocabulary - Value Set Specification
Structured Documents - FHIR Documents
Learning Health Systems - Care Team Member Roles
Patient Engagement
CBCP - Consent/Privacy&Security

2i. Domain Expert Representative

Gravity Project

2j. Business Requirements Analyst

Gravity Project

2k. Conformance Facilitator

Lisa Nelson

2l. Other Facilitators

Quality Review

3a. Project Scope

Incremental development of 1 FHIR IG covering 3 primary use cases for 1 SDOH Domain: Food Insecurity.

Initial Draft IG and For Comment IG will likely contain more than one option for addressing first use case. The May For Comment IG may include multiple options to solicit community feedback on alternative designs. Subsequent iterations will narrow the options and expand the use cases addressed.

3b. Project Need

HL7 Governance Home
Quality Review
Vocabulary, Publishing, HL7 Process Facilitation

3e. Objectives/Deliverables and Target Dates

Draft FHIR IG including developed Concept Domains and temporary codes to support Connectathon Testing - December 7, 2019
Connectathon Testing - December 15, 2019
Connectathon Testing - Spring 2020
For Comment Ballot - May 2020

3f. Common Names / Keywords / Aliases:

"Gravity Project", "SDOH Data Exchange"

3g. Lineage

This is an initial project from the FHIR Accellerator Project

3h. Project Dependencies

Connectathon Testing will be incorporated within Connectathons driven by HL7, Da Vinci and CARIN.

3j. Backwards Compatibility


3l. Using Current V3 Data Types?


3m. External Vocabularies


3n. List of Vocabularies


4a. Products

FHIR Extensions, FHIR Implementation Guide, FHIR Profiles

4b. For FHIR IGs and FHIR Profiles, what product version(s) will the profiles apply to?


4c. FHIR Profiles Version

US Core 3.0.x, C-CDA on FHIR x.x.x

5a. Project Intent

Implementation Guide (IG) will be created/modified

5a. Is the project adopting/endorsing an externally developed IG?


5b. Project Ballot Type

STU to Normative

6b. Content Already Developed

Use Cases will be 98% developed by Gravity Project

6e. Is this a hosted (externally funded) project?


6f. Stakeholders

Quality Reporting Agencies, Payors, Other

6f. Other Stakeholders

Clinicians, Community Based Organizations, Patients

6g. Vendors

EHR, PHR, Health Care IT

6h. Providers

Emergency Services, Local and State Departments of Health, Healthcare Institutions (hospitals, long term care, home care, mental health), Other

6h. Other Providers

Community Based Organizations

6i. Realm

U.S. Realm Specific

7a. Management Group(s) to Review PSS