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Project Page Template - This template is for voluntary use, but provides guidance for consistent representation of Confluence pages reporting project information

This template was developed using examples from other project pagess: Annotated ECG, BRIDG as DAM, Canonical Pedigree, DCM for Dev, EHR Interop, EHR RM-ES, Oncology EHR, RPS, Templates registry, SPL, VMR

Project Information

Modelling Pregnancy, Fetal and Child Health Records - domain analysis

A google document (Pregnancy, Fetal and Child Health Record - Domain Analysis) has been created for collaborative contributions to domain analaysis and capturing information requirements for Pregnancy, Fetal and Child Health Record.

Anyone who is interested in contributing to this online document can contact Stephen Chu ( for editing right access to this document.

When you are contributing contents to this document, please use the "suggesting mode" so that track changes can be kept:

Brief description

Goal of the project is provide guidance in handling data relevant to the fetus in order to facilitate making those data available at the time of birth. Ultrasonographic and other imaging findings, pertinent genetic and labor. A fetus starts as a body tissue of the mother, but at some point during gestation it becomes apparent, that the fetus could be considered more as a "individual" entity to which you would like to link procedures and observations to. This projects is meant to reach an universal consensus in the handling of this data. Questions to be answered in the project are:

  • In which cases do we consider to use foetus as a seperate resource?
  • Which algorithms of identification of the fetus do we consider?
  • Which type of procedures for a fetus do we consider in scope?
  • What is the impact for procedures and medication if it is specifically meant for the fetus and not the mother?
  • Which data do we relate to the fetus ( instead of the mother)?
  • Which kind of data do we need for research, surveillance of birth defects and vital statistics?

Legal questions are not in scope of the project. The project covers the flow of exceptional treatments as well as normal pregnancy until data transfer to youth health care.


The following co-chairs are available for contact on this project:

  • Mike Padula
  • Stephen Chu
  • Michael Tan


  • Lilian Minne ( FHIR facilitator)
  • Anneke Goossen
  • Susanne  Brown
  • Marc de Graauw
  • Liesbeth Siderius
  • Roy Shovan
  • Frances Gillet
  • Blair Thompson
  • Craig Newman
  • Rob Hausam ( vocab)
  • Carina Vorisek
  • Sylvia Thun
  • David Barnett
  • Giorgio Cangioli

Link to Project Insight Searchable Database Entry, which contains:

Project Documents

Meeting Information

  • The CHOICE team meet every two weeks at alternating times to accomodate the members in Australia, Europe and the United States. 
  • The meeting is usually around noon ( GMT). Please consult the Conference Call Page on HL7 website.
  • The meeting minutes web page can be found here


  • If balloting, list ballot name/cycle/link
  • If in DSTU, link to DSTU comments page
  • If in development, link to PSS in Confluence
  • Some projects explicitly list objectives from scope statement and status for each

Issues/Hot Topics

  • List issues or link to issues tracking repository (Jira or GForge)
  • Questions we want to have insight in, are:
    • Common practices how to identify the foetus?
    • What are special requirements if we want to order a procedure or medication for specific foetus?
    • What is the impact for the standards of O&O and Pharmacy?
    • What are the benifits when we transfer the foetus findings into a patient in comparison with a finding of a body tissue?
    • What do researchers need when they are exploring data among patients and foetusses?
    • Do we need a relationship between multiple foetusses ( siblings) or is the relationship through the mother sufficient?


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