This page provides links to domain specific AdverseEvent Implementation Guides (IGs) which are currently in development.

Clinical Care

In clinical care an adverse event is tracked to meet business safety concerns and incident reporting. There is a strong interest in factors surrounding the event, if it was prevented, what happened, and if it occurred, how it was resolved or managed.

Clinical Care AdverseEvent IG

Clinical Research

In the clinical research setting, the event is additionally tracked and evaluated as part of the clinical research process for the research study, since the occurrence of an adverse event may surface a potential confounder or a potential side-effect of the study treatment.

Clinical Research AdverseEvent IG: HL7.FHIR.UV.ADVERSEEVENTCLINICALRESEARCH\Future AdverseEvents for Clinical Research Home Page - FHIR v5.0.0-ballot

Clinical Research AdverseEvent R4 Backport IG:

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