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Care Plan DAM Discussion

DAM to do in R2:

1. inclusion of CCS: probably not

2. update detail on existing model (goals, barriers, etc.) based on confluence notes

         we need to weed/ consolidate notes

         create a list, e.g.,         barrier: def [link to minutes]

                                             barrier: examples [link1, link2, not link3]

                                             . . .


                  go ahead and update model; let co-chairs identify gaps/opportunities


                  ensure requirements are represented in use cases

3. update detail based on other efforts (MCC, PACIO, etc.)

4. provide detail needed for 'manifestation' model

         update 1e use case?

         update some other use case?

         add a use case?

5. outline per guidance

         conceptual, with optional logical refs to existing standards

                  data elements: may use 'conceptual' types

                           * do we need conceptual types

                  terminology: content domains, not bindings

                  * change current: 'conceptual' (rels) & 'logical' (elements) to

                           => 'conceptual high level' & 'conceptual detail level'

                  * remove RIM colors, parameterized classes, BFO classes


                  use case (functional) vs storyboard (descriptive)

                           * do we need both


                  class diagram vs data element list

                  * do we need element list

                  * do we need identified behavioral interactions to "trigger" structural packages

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