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Chair:  Michelle Miller
Scribe:  Michelle Miller

HL7 Antitrust Policy

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XStephen ChuThe Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA)

Gay DolinNamaste Informatics
XRob Eastwood

Eric HaasHealth eData Inc
XRob HausamHausam Consulting LLC

Laura Heermann-LangfordIntermountain Healthcare

Yanyan HuJoint Commission  

Emma JonesAllscripts

Thom Kuhn 

Russ LeftwichInterSystems

Tony LittleOptum 360
XJay LyleJP Systems, VA

Chris Melo Philips
XMichelle M MillerOptum

Lisa NelsonMax MD
XMike PadulaThe Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Nick Radov United Healthcare 

Stefan RothGeorgia Tech Research Institute  

Dan RutzEpic
XCasey ThompsonClinovation
XRichard Townley ONeill
XIan Bull
XLloyd McKenzieDogwood

Quorum (chair + 3) met?  Yes


  1. Agenda Review
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes 2023-03-16 Patient Care FHIR Conference Call
    1. Motion:  Stephen/Jay
  3. PACIO
  4. R5
  5. Physical Activity IG
  6. Zulip Patient Care stream
  7. JIRA change requests


FHIR-38308 - Getting issue details... STATUS

PACIO (Karl B. Naden) - Observation Resource Nested structure for panels with summary scores - the structure of FHIR Observation instances that represent panels with summary scores, such as the PROMIS short form - emotional distress (see original discussion here). Key question is whether our IG should proscribe or recommend a structure to FHIR observations that is different from the way that the related LOINC codes are laid out


(112485) #committers > URGENT: FMM levels - FHIR Community - Zulip

We understand that moving to FMM4+ requires work group endorsement that the resources are sufficiently stable. However, for those we've moved, the FMG believes that implementer adoption level should mandate implementer consultation.

Condition to 5

Procedure to 4

Versions - FHIR v5.0.0-cibuild means maturity of 4+ means

As well, the responsible work group agrees the artifact is sufficiently stable to require implementer consultation for subsequent non-backward compatible changes.

Need to understand best practices on breaking changes (e.g. post to Zulip and/or vote during WGM to maximize implementer feedback).

  • Balloting is an option
  • Utilize Grahame's blog for broader audience
  • WGM - typically more focused on modeling vs implementers at large more focused on passivity
  • If making breaking change, reach out to FMG.  Group up all breaking changes before reaching out to FMG.

R5 coming soon (matter of days now).

FHIR-7057 - Getting issue details... STATUS - RIM mappings are no longer a requirement, so we may want to revisit this resolved JIRA and find it not persuasive since it is not progressing and no longer required. - will give advance notice prior to re-opening.

Physical Activity IG

Approval of Physical Activity IG to go to ballot

Lloyd moved that PC endorse the Physical Activity IG is ready for ballot / Stephen Chu second :  9 for / 0 against / 0 abstain

Zulip Patient Care Stream

JIRA Change Requests Discussed

Patient Care Backlog

FHIR-39630 - Getting issue details... STATUS  


Adjourned at 6:21pm Eastern

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Preliminary Agenda Items

  1. Agenda Review
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes
  3. JIRA change requests

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