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Meeting Information

Phone Number: +1 563-999-2090
Participant Passcode: 792564

Chair:  Michelle Miller
Scribe:  Michelle Miller



XStephen ChuThe Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA)

Irina Connelly Georgia Tech Research Institute 

George Dixon Allscripts 

Evelyn GallegoEMI Advisors LLC

Eric HaasHealth eData Inc
XRob HausamHausam Consulting LLC

Laura Heermann-LangfordIntermountain Healthcare

Yanyan HuJoint Commission  

Emma JonesAllscripts

Thom Kuhn 

Russ LeftwichInterSystems

Tony LittleOptum 360

Jay LyleOckham Information Services LLC, VA

Chris Melo Philips
XMichelle M MillerCerner
XLisa NelsonMax MD

Mike PadulaThe Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Joe QuinnOptum

Nick Radov United Healthcare 

Stefan RothGeorgia Tech Research Institute  

Casey Thompson  Clinovation

Jack Wallace Georgia Tech Research Institute  
XChristi Denney 
XHugh Glover  

Wayne Kubick

Andi Maddela

Amy Nordo 

Lynn Perrine

Robinette Renner

John Stamm

Mead Walker 

Barbee Whitaker  

Tom Yosick 
XRuth Oropesa

Quorum (chair + 3) met?  Yes


  1. Agenda Review
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes 2020-01-23 Patient Care FHIR Conference Call
    1. Motion:  Stephen/Hugh
  3. gForge change requests


March 12 – Lloyd coming to discuss Communication / Task / Message

March 12 - Christi can't meet on the 12th anyway

Hugh can't meet on March 5 or 19, so no need to reschedule.

Our next BRR/PC joint call will be on March 26.

BRR Update

Shared the update from WGM:  2020 Feb WGM - Patient Care#2020FebWGMPatientCare-ThursQ4

Update on AdverseEvent profiles

  • Hugh has mechanics for a clinical research profile
  • BRR will resume reviewing definitions and propose specialization of the definitions to clarify for the clinical research profile
  • If any definitions truly fork off, then raise that as an issue against the base specification

Hugh predicts that BRR might end up revisiting some past discussions - new perspectives provide new insight.

BRR is breaking up the review into blocks:

  • Identity of things
  • Status of things
  • Consequences of things

Added Tues Q2 to May 2020 WGM for a second quarter to discuss the clinical research profile on AdverseEvent.

WGM recorder topic

  • TO DO:  Should Device be added?  For example, Daniel said that their system does have devices (EMR) record near misses from bar code scanning (scanned wrong med / wrong patient).  

BRR worked through dates related to AdverseEvent

  • detected
  • causality
  • wrote it down

Event pattern has reported[x] (who.source) whereas AdverseEvent has recorder (, but reporter can differ from recorder.

There is no date associated with the reporter.  AdverseEvent only has a recordedDate (when.recorded).  This begged the question whether we would add the date to participant.  Stephen questioned whether systems capture the reported date. shows the broader w5 patterns.

Hugh would like to finish the BRR discussion before we make a decision.

Examples of dates (from BRR wiki:  Clinical Research Profile):

  • Subject hit by bus on Monday, trial site records it as an event on Tuesday - there is no detected date, causality is assessed on Wednesday
  • Biomarker begins to rise on 10th, trend not visible (and hence detected) until 20th, recorded on 21st and causality assessed on 22nd
  • Subject has rash from 10th to 15th, mentions it on 20th when they have clinic visit and event is recorded - there is no detection date, causality is assessed on 22nd

Hugh initially said causality date is when it is determined that it is an adverse event.  However, Lisa is asking if the cause gets assessed, but it is reasonable that the rash occurred due to a known side effect – so not an adverse event.

Causality in the clinical trial setting is that it caused a reaction.  

gForge Change Requests Discussed

Patient Care FHIR Backlog


6:06pm Eastern

Next Meeting

Preliminary Agenda Items

  1. Agenda Review
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes
  3. gForge change requests

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