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Welcome to the Home of the Policy Advisory Committeee in Confluence! 


The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) shall consist of a chair appointed with the concurrence of the Board and at least three (3) other members. The CEO shall be an ex-officio member. The chair may serve for two years starting on the date of appointment and may be appointed to a second two year term. It is the prerogative of an incoming HL7 Chair to either allow the incumbent chair to continue his or her term or to appoint another individual to chair this committee.


The PAC shall undertake policy and regulatory review and analysis within the health information technology (HIT) sector with the objective of identifying emerging issues, trends, and problems related to either policy or standards. Topics in scope include HIT legislation, regulation, contracts and contract negotiations, industry consensus, and international coordination. The PAC shall provide options and recommendations to the Executive Committee (EC) for the resolution of such issues and problems in the form of briefing notes, background documents, discussion papers, and position papers. Any statements for public release developed from such presentations shall be issued by the EC, which may designate an individual to present such statements. The PAC shall review and comment on any statements, written or oral, espoused as representing an HL7 position prior to the submission of such statements to the Executive Committee for approval.

Call Information

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Recently Update



 James Ferguson
Kaiser Permanente
Phone: USA +1 510-271-5639


 Hans Buitendijk MSc
Cerner Corporation
Phone: USA +1 610-219-2087

 Kathleen Connor
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Phone: USA +1 727-519-4607

 Alix Goss
Imprado, consulting division of DynaVet Solutions
Phone: USA +1 717-805-0467

 Catherine Pugh
eHealth Initiative
Phone: USA +1 202-624-3270 

 Richard Dixon Hughes
HL7 Australia

 Floyd Eisenberg MD
iParsimony LLC
Phone: USA +1 202-643-6350

 Evelyn Gallego MBA, MPH
EMI Advisors LLC

 Thomson Kuhn

 Virginia Lorenzi
New York-Presbyterian Hospital

 Mark Segal PhD, FHIMS
The Sequoia Project
Phone: 5713273640

 Patricia Van Dyke
Phone: USA +1 5037807414


 Calvin Beebe
Mayo Clinic

 Charles Jaffe MD PhD
Health Level Seven International
Phone: USA +1 734-677-7777

 Walter Suarez MD MPH
Kaiser Permanente
Phone: USA +1 301-801-3207

Staff Support

 Ticia Gerber
Phone: USA +1 202-486-5236

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