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The following artifacts are planned to achieve normative status for the FHIR R5 release:

ResourceR4 FMMReviewerConnectathon

FMG approved
( ? )

Systems (FMM5)
Tested accross
scope (FMM4)


Locationy y

Organization3y y

Practitioner3y y

PractitionerRole2y n

FHIR maturity level requirements

Draft (0)the resource or profile (artifact) has been published on the current build. This level is synonymous with Draft
FMM 1PLUS the artifact produces no warnings during the build process and the responsible WG has indicated that they consider the artifact substantially complete and ready for implementation. For resources, profiles and implementation guides, the FHIR Management Group has approved the underlying resource/profile/IG proposal
FMM 2PLUS the artifact has been tested and successfully supports interoperability among at least three independently developed systems leveraging most of the scope (e.g. at least 80% of the core data elements) using semi-realistic data and scenarios based on at least one of the declared scopes of the artifact (e.g. at a connectathon). These interoperability results must have been reported to and accepted by the FMG
FMM 3PLUS + the artifact has been verified by the work group as meeting the Conformance Resource Quality Guidelines ; has been subject to a round of formal balloting; has at least 10 distinct implementer comments recorded in the tracker drawn from at least 3 organizations resulting in at least one substantive change
FMM 4PLUS the artifact has been tested across its scope (see below), published in a formal publication (e.g. Trial-Use), and implemented in multiple prototype projects. As well, the responsible work group agrees the artifact is sufficiently stable to require implementer consultation for subsequent non-backward compatible changes
FMM 5the artifact has been published in two formal publication release cycles at FMM1+ (i.e. Trial-Use level) and has been implemented in at least 5 independent production systems in more than one country
Normativethe artifact is now considered stable
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