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Time: 3pm Eastern US

ZOOM -  (including audio through zoom)

Expected Attendees:

Cooper Thompson  (Epic) 2pm Central US

Drew Torres (Cerner) 2pm Central US

Iryna Roy (Gevity) 3pm Canadian Eastern

Line Saele (TietoEVRY) 9pm CET Europe

Alex de Leon (Kaiser Permanente) 12pm Pacific US

Ivan Zapreev (Philips Research) 9pm CET Europe

Irma Jongeneel (HL7 Netherlands) 9pm CET Europe

Brian Postlethwaite (Telstra Health) 7am Australia Eastern

Key Upcoming Dates:

  • 2021-01 HL7 WGM Henderson Nevada (virtual) 25th-28th Jan


  1. Social interaction: Each participant to share a positive moment/thought in these concerning times
  2. Review action items
  3. Jan WGM - Brush up on topics allocated
  4. Tracker Items

Planned Tracker Items:

[FHIR-25728] Identifiers Across Hospital Systems - Jira (

FHIR-17671 - Getting issue details... STATUS

FHIR-23036 - Getting issue details... STATUS

FHIR-21227 - Getting issue details... STATUS

FHIR-20590 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Future Agenda Topics:

Review Appointment extensions from Denmark

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  1. I'll try to make it to the meeting!