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Expected Attendees:

Brian Postlethwaite (Telstra Health) 7am-8am AEST

Cooper Thompson  (Epic) 2pm Central US

Ivan Zapreev (Philips Research) 9pm CET Europe

Irma Jongeneel HL7 Netherlands 9pm CET Europe

Alex de Leon  Kaiserpermanente High noon Pacific

Key Upcoming Dates:

  • 2020-11 FHIR DevDays Conference Amsterdam (virtual)
  • 2021-01 HL7 WGM (virtual)


  1. Social interaction: Each participant to share a positive moment/thought in these concerning times
  2. Review Action Items
  3. Tracker Items


Action Items reviewed, many outstanding for Brian

Planned Tracker Items:

FHIR-25728 - Getting issue details... STATUS  We would like to include additional guidance in the spec on how to work with identifiers.

This could be on:

This should include details on:

  • Representations with EMPI (should be on patient page) - this would include notes to match and merge
  • National Provider Index (NPI) - (on practitioner page)
  • Facility Management (on administrative page)
  • Cross resource management (on datatypes)
  • relationship to Linkage Resource (on datatypes)
  • using type/system correctly (on datatypes)
  • profiling resources for identifiers (when to slice by system and when to slice by type) (on datatypes)
  • uniqueness (on datatypes)
  • incompleteness (on datatypes)
  • Explanations of some use cases

Given the scope of what is already around the place, best alternative likely not a new page, but to add additional content in each of the locations to strengthen the usage guidance

  • Drew Torres to provide some additional information on using identifiers across sites  

FHIR-17671 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Drew Torres can you come along to our next call to discuss this one further?

Future Agenda Topics:


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