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Gotomeeting -
HL7 Conference Call phone number 

US/Canada: Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Participant Code: 986210

for non-US participants:

Chair: Irma Jongeneel

Scribe: Alex de Leon


Irma Jongeneel

Peter Bomberg

Cooper Thompson

Drew Torres

Brian Postlethwaite

Iryna Roy

Reinhard Egelkraut



The WG discussed the following based on request from Peter Bomberg:




There is no mechanism to associate contacts to a location, we need to associate several different contacts to a location, where each contact has a role and a start/end date for their association

The main request would be for tying contact to a particular role with a timeframe. The group discussed for sign off that this might be served by PractitioinerRole which can be linked to location.

This can be used. 

The proposal was to remove the location telecom

Replicate the backbone element in location.

This discussion will probably spawn a new Jira item for removing Orgainization.telecom element and recommend using the contact backbone element with reason to communicate what that telecom info is used for.

Cooper moves to disposition this as persuasive with modifications. Brian seconds.

Discussion: None

Vote (for/against/abstain): 6/0/1

The following was used for reference:

Action items



The Location resource has a status element, but lacks the status change date or status effective aspects, which is required to track when a status change occured.

The WG moved on to discuss the virtual WGM

Brian expressed that this was of value.

The 3 sessions that we had seem to be optimal. Adding more probably would not add value.

It was difficult to gain participation of non participatory members

Non verbal communication was difficult to see.

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