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Brian Postlethwaite (Telstra Health) (chair for today)

Charles Ye (FastRiver)

Elkhan Yusubov (NewWave)

Irma Jongeneel (HL7 Netherlands)

Iryna Roy (Gevity)

Ulrike Merrick (APHL)

John Moehrke (Bi Light)

Alex de Leon (Kaiser Permanete)

Line Saele (HL7 Norway)

Key Upcoming Dates:

  • Christmas & New Year!
  • 2020-02: HL7 WGM Sydney!


  1. Da Vinci Notifications IG review
  2. FHIR Merge Operation - v2 mapping
  3. Continue drafting the Merge operation definition - walking through the Questions and Answers section
  4. Encounter breakdown review - attachment on this page Encounter, Condition, Procedure, Diagnosis ... (if time permits)
  5. Action Items

Notifications IG:

Reviewed the Da Vinci Unsolicited Notifications Implementation Guide (formerly called Alerts)

Security is in scope, but defined in an external guide.

Although the delivery and endpoint discovery/maintenance is out of scope, the details of who to deliver to is included.

Use of GraphDefinition and MessageDefinition are both used to describe use cases

Notification event valueset has the episode type in the notification types as a child type, this might be collapsed into the episode, should review during ballot.

Binding to the Notification valueset will need to be corrected, its an extensible binding, however fixes the code system.

Riki Moves to accept IG to go to the Feb 2020 Ballot, Alex seconds, motion passes 7-0-0

Patient $Merge/Link:

Continue discussing the Merge Operation documented here: Merge Operation

Specifically the v2 merge functionality mapping/comparison (started by Irma Jongeneeland Alex de Leon - Thanks!) Cooper Thompson can you take a look at it ahead of the call?

We need to consult with the community to determine if the v2 messages A41 (account) and A42 (encounter) are in use, and if we should be considering creating FHIR equivalents

And also A43, A44 and A45 or move should also be considered to see if they are in active use. (Grahame's FHIR Dev Days presentation)

Future Calls:

FHIR Trackers (in Jira!)

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