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Brian Postlethwaite (Telstra Health)

Cooper Thompson  (Epic)

Daniel Chaput (ONC)

Robert Dieterle (ONC)

Lindsey Hoggle (Iris Health Solutions)

Chris Melo (Philips)

Elkhan Yusubov (NewWave)

Iryna Roy (Gevity)

Key Upcoming Dates:

  • 2019-11: FHIR DevDays Europe 20th - 22nd
  • 2020-02: HL7 WGM Sydney!


  1. Review Alerts Project current implementation guide status (time boxed to max half hour)
  2. Encounter breakdown review - attachment on this page Encounter, Condition, Procedure, Diagnosis ...
  3. Patient $Merge/Link Implementation Guide Proposal
  4. Continue drafting the Merge operation definition (if time permits)
  5. Action Items

Davinci Alerts Project

No one was present to be able to present and talk to the current status, so will defer to a later time

Da Vinci Alerts project

Encounter Split Discussions/Movements

The structure of Encounter is being reconsidered to determine if a split into multiple resources, or re-organization makes sense. The main area was to clarify the differences between transfers, admissions and regular encounters with practitioners.

Admission EncounterInteraction between patient and organization/location/healthcare institution
Practitioner Encounteractual interaction between patient and practitioners, or between practitioners about a patient
Movement/TransferChanging location, class/status

What impact would any of these changes have on other resources that currently reference encounter?

Expected that nothing would reference Movements, only encounter.

Maybe create a work in progress for R5 to see a new backbone could look?

In order to move this forward suggest that we prepare some example data (in the spreadsheet) to see how it could look.

Movement/Transfer backbone

Status, Location (loc/status/loc type), Class, subject status, identifier, type, period (planned/actual), account?, partof-encounter

Patient $Merge/Link:

Continue discussing the Merge Operation documented here: Merge Operation, thanks to Charles Ye for his contributions which are included on his wiki

Future Calls:

30 Oct 2019 - 1/2 call Encounter breakdown review

30 Oct 2019 - 1/2 call continue Patient Merge

FHIR Trackers

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