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Brian Postlethwaite (Telstra Health)

Irma Jongeneel (HL7 Netherlands)

Daniel Chaput (ONC)

Craig Newman (Altarum)

Iryna Roy (Gevity)

Alex de Leon (Kaiser Permanente)

Proposed Agenda:

  1. VhDir STU1 Publication status update
  2. Patient Merge/Link
    1. Implementation Guide Proposal?
    2. Connectathon Proposal for the September meeting?
  3. FHIR Trackers
  4. Action Items

VhDir IG STU1 Publication update:

  • Lindsay has provided some udpated from her QA to apply (Brian Postlethwaite, Daniel Chaput )
  • Ballot reconciliation spreadsheets to be produced (Brian to work with Lloyd)
  • IG Publication request approved by PA, pending qa fixes and IG Publisher fix
  • Then will be sent to TSC as an approved publication request

Patient Merge/Link:

Should we start an Implementation Guide for this functionality (to document the content) ahead of moving it into core during R5

  • Brian Postlethwaite to give a heads up to FMG on the potential to create an Implementation guide on Patient Merge/Link
  • Brian Postlethwaite to prepare a connectathon track proposal for the Atlanta FHIR Connectathon and publicize on Zulip to test for participation interest (and let FMG know too)

FHIR Trackers:

 GF#Description Notes
20635Improve definition of PractitionerRole

Seems like some additional feedback that we can incorporate into the specification, possibly additional examples to be created, and further terminology work to be incorporated (Craig Newman)

This tracker was worked through in detail, and a partial update to the page, specifically the Scope and Usage section was significantly updated.

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