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HL7 Conference Call phone number 

Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Participant Code: 986210

for non-US participants:


Brian Postlethwaite (Telstra Health) - Chair

Cooper Thompson (Epic)

Irma Jongeneel (HL7 Netherlands)

Dan Chaput (ONC)

Alex Kontur (ONC)

Julie Maas (EMR Direct)


  1. Device vs Endpoint resource
    Should we create a tracker for this?
  2. VhDir - Bulk Data and Subscriptions informative content additions (Bulk Data and Directories) walkthrough
    (requesting if this can be added to the guide as informative content prior to STU1 publishing)
  3. May Connectation activities
    1. Patient Merge experimental track - Brian to propose
    2. Encounters? - should we do this one
    3. Brian may discuss the proposed Bulk Data for Directories with the Bulk Data and Subscription tracks
  4. FHIR Trackers:

Meeting Minutes

Endpoint vs Device discussion

The 2 resources should continue to be separate

During the review we note that there is a URL property on the definitional resource DeviceDefinition that probably shouldn't be there.

Also wondered should the Device resource remove the URL, and utilize the endpoint resource for the connectivity information?

We would recommend adding into the Endpoint resource boundaries section to clarify differences with the Device resource.

Suggest that given the scope of the issue, that we think this would be worth discussing in Montreal at the May WGM and will check if O&O want to do a combined session.

This should be logged as a new tracker and allocated against Device to clarify in their definitions if they intend for it to be used to cover software too, and how that would work.

VhDir Additional guidance on bulk data has been documented and requested to be included in the published STU which was worked on post ballot as draft informative only material for comment - especially since most of it refers to existing other bulk data documentation.

  • Brian Postlethwaite to take to FMG to see if this is acceptable to be done, and how much markup would be required.

Dan Chaput moved, Irma Jongeneel seconded 5/0/0

Proposed May Connectathon activities

  1. Patient Merge experimental track - This is a little early for this, and believe should spend more time at the WGM in definition rather than experimenting implementations yet
  2. Encounters - We may leave this till the next WGM and do more work on the updated design work on the resource
  3. Bulk Data for Directories with the Bulk Data and Subscription tracks - Brian is likely to participate in these other tracks with Directory focus, rather than having a directory dedicated track

Note: Call on the 10th April will be to plan the Montreal WGM Agenda

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