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Table of Contents

Goals and Objectives

To align FHIR and the OMOP CDM for the purposes of building an oncology learning health system that exchanges patient data for large scale observational studies and analytics.

Initial Use Case:

Provider-driven Oncology EHR that captures basic oncology diagnosis and staging information is sent as a set of FHIR resources that is translated to the OMOP CDM for use in observational research. Elements for mapping include:

  • cancer conditions and staging
  • treatments
  • tumor markers and genomic variants

Additional goals to consider in a future use case

  • risk factors
  • familial tie to attach to the record based on consent (use case: pediatric oncology)
  • recurrence

Meeting Minutes




Communication Mechanisms

Zulip Chat:

FHIR-OMOP Oncology Confluence Home Page: FHIR-OMOP Oncology Use Case

Workgroup meets weekly on Thursdays at 12p ET / 5p UTC.

Microsoft Teams meeting: Join here.