This is FHIR-OMOP Initiative Confluence space.

Here you will find relevant information about the HL7/OHDSI collaboration to provide a single Common Data Model for sharing information in clinical care and observational research.

Upcoming events 

  • Subgroup meetings: please check group pages for meeting dates/time 
  • FHIR-OMOP Initiative all-hands meeting:  next meeting TBD in June 2022


Reference Materials

The Common Data Model Harmonization FHIR Implementation Guide: http://hl7.org/fhir/us/cdmh/ (released 09 Dec 2021) 

OMOP + FHIR Chat Stream 

May 2019 Draft FHIR IG:  https://build.fhir.org/ig/HL7/cdmh/profiles.html 

Call for Participation for new New Combined FHIR-OHDSI Working Group

HL7-OHDSI SOU (Statement of Understanding)

Hyve Blog on OMOP and FHIR

HL7-OHDSI Collaboration Announcement

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PDF File WP4 - D4.5 - Roadmap for interoperability solutions.pdf May 10, 2021 by Wayne Kubick
Microsoft Word Document HL7 OMOP RFP.docx May 10, 2021 by Wayne Kubick
PDF File Kubick_OMOP_FHIR202109.pdf Sep 29, 2021 by Melinda Stewart
File FHIR-OMOP WG all-hands meeting .ics Feb 22, 2022 by Dana M. Stephenson

Subgroups (projects/use cases)

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All-hands meeting notes 

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