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Track Description


  • End-to-End ADT transaction
  • Parameters Breakout
    • PID/PV1
    • OBR/OBR/OBX/OBX Nesting
    • Other?
  • Microsoft Conversion API prototype.
    • We (Microsoft) have a very basic prototype for doing data conversion using handlebars templates.
    • Test endpoints:
    • Point your browser to the endpoint and enter API when prompted. 
    • The UI is an interactive editor for the templates. More instructions to follow at the meeting.
  • Guidance on <resource>.id
    • Suggestion not to worry about a server needing to resolve duplicates if they wish to persist the resulting FHIR resources on a FHIR server.
    • So only look at the initial conversion into a bundle, then then let the server determine what it actually will do with it.
    • Give resources a unique id within the bundle so all references in the bundle are correct.
      • Give resources a unique UUID
      • Base the id generation based on information in the segment.  But that may vary.  e.g.,
        • the UK may opt to use the NHS number for PID to Patient to then be used as reference.
        • another may create random numbers
        • etc.
      • Receiver cannot read any meaning in the value of the .id.
    • Need to create a v2-to-FHIR Bundle Profile to resolve any specific valuations for this context.  At least Bundle.type="transaction".  Rest will follow.
    • Then, if they need to put it on a server subsequently, they then determine how to resolve dups, etc.
  • ANTLR Condition syntax
  • Other


  • We agreed to insert an extra column after the FHIR component (or value in a code system) being mapped to provide the proposed extension if not yet defined.  that will allow tools not to have to insert exception code to ignore those for now.  Once assigned, the extension will be moved into the formal column.

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