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Robert Worden

The following v2 messages and corresponding FHIR Bundles represent a robust v2 message for a particular common use of that message and the corresponding agreed to FHIR Bundle that a mapper should create based on the mapping spreadsheets.  These are to be used for v2-to-FHIR mapping tool validation, while they can also be used to validate that the mapping spreadsheets are complete.

While initially these are Draft, at some point they will be changed to STU and then Normative to establish them as the agreed to benchmark.   

Note that we will not create mappings this way for each structure, rather those that would exercise the most segments and/or unique features (e.g., we may only need very few ADT messages, but would need more to clarify groupings used for Micro results or other unique use cases).

ADT Messages

Mapped Test Message - ADT_A01

Immunization Messages

Result Messages

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