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Attendees: Kathy Walsh (LabCorp), Andrea Pitkus, Riki Merrick (Vernetzt, LLC/APHL), Ron Van Duyne (CDC), RobHausam (Hausam Consulting)

  • ProcessingActivity
    • Need extension for status
  • storageEquipment – not currently covered
    • have container and have gForge to nest containers and change definition to the container:
      • If we do that – nesting of containers then we need to be sure we can find the direct container – that is what is needed for retrieval for automation etc.
      • Nesting holders makes sense – and include storage equipment?
      • we like the differentiation between holders and container, so not sure we want to do this
      • each individual container has coordinates inside the holder, so that would still work
    • can we collapse the storageEquipment and storageEquipmentComponent into the holder also
    • in the DAM we have parameters for containers and storageEquipment and StorageEquipmentComponents
    • storageEquiment should be able to be described without linkage to specimen
    • do we need separate resource to describe the holder and storageEquipment?
      • maybe extension on device? That will allow reference from device to specimen whereas now you can only reference the containers associated with a specimen
      • may need to track if holder is full vs has space for automation use case
    • In catalog we have container under specimenDefinition – that is in line with the specimen resource, so in both cases ONLY as backbone element
    • Options for changes
      • Option 1: add reference to a device resource used to describe the holder / storageEquipmentComponent / StorageEquipment:
        • under specimen.container instead of specimen.container.container (which will most likely be an extension)
        • separately direct under specimen
      • Option 2: add backbone element to specimen.container for holder
      • Option 3: remove container backbone element and add reference to device which then would describe the container / holder / storageEquipmentComponent / storageEquipment
    • In specimenDefinition.container is 0..1 – what if you need more than 1 container for a specimen collection?
      • Riki to send this question to listserve

Spreadsheet at the end of the call: 

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