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Time: 1 -2 PM EDT


  • #FreeConference: Ord
  • +1 515 606 5332
  • Access Code: 294586#





Rob HausamHausam Consulting


Lorraine ConstableConstable Cnsulting


Kathy WalshLabCorp


Andrea Pitkus


JD NolenMercy Children's Hospital


Beck GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics


Dan RutzEpic


Mike WatersFDA


Craig NewmanAltarum


Riki Merrick Vernetzt, LLC / APHL

















Co-Chair: Rob Hausam

Scribe: Riki Merrick


  • Agenda Review

  • September Ballot Prep
    • Lab Re-Affirmation - all set - Riki to review and send the confirmation email to Lynn
    • LIVD -
      • Rob still working on examples – will add a quantitative example

      • LIVD meeting is still on for last minute adjustment – after that Rob will inform Lynn
      • Motion to approve LIVD to go to ballot Lorraine Constable, Riki Merrick, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain: 3, in favor: 6

  • FHIR
    • DocumentReference/Media/Attachment Update 
      • DocumentReference ownership - update from FMG? - table till Hans gets back
    • AMA Self-Measured Blood Pressure (IHMI originated) - will August 15 work - Rob sent note, once confirmed, Riki will make sure CIMI knows

  • CIMI - not scheduled today

  • Not much on agenda for next week main call - cancel call on 8/8 and give folks a break
  • Specimen FHIR resource discussion:
  • Do we have use cases, where we don’t need the collection and processing information
  • Need to keep relationship, but may somethings needs to be updated independently
  • Provenance to use for SET
  • Could use provenance to track the parent specimen and what is the assurance around that; provenance is also about the resource – but would it apply to the physical item the resource represents
  • Splitting the procedure out from the workflow perspective that might also be helpful – had some discussion on workflow calls with Lloyd on Mondays a while ago …
  • We had proposed to use the V2 use cases to test out the FHIR resources we have – start at the catalog specimenDefinition to see if we have everything
  • Review specimenCollection processing and container and how that relates to specimenDefinition
  • We are currently working in order catalog to examine the instance ordering
  • Also review the published examples on FHIR – a lot of those were created from production data in AU – there was a plan to review those but not sure that has been done
    mCode is using extensions on observations
  • CBC example has order code in the DR – but that should only be in the referenced ServiceRequest
  • Lorraine may try to find resources – may need to make a separate project out of this – look at PSS if any already cover, of if separate needed – discuss at WGM Admin!!!
  • also be sure to review mCode IG – so please sign up for that ballot!

  • For next call agenda need to add WGM agenda 

  • Project updates
    • AUC – nothing new
    • CIMI - taking vacation
    • DME – aiming for January 2020 ballot, so expect work to start up soon
    • Eyecare - next discussion September WGM
    • FHIR (OO on FHIR) – call was canceled this week and we will cancel next week
      • Meetings:
        • Every Tuesday 2 -3 PM ET
      • Project page link: FHIR
    • Lab Order Model - next discussion September WGM
    • LIVD - see above
    • Nutrition
      • Meetings:
        • Every Friday 2-3 ET
      • Project page link: Nutrition
    • Order Service Catalog
    • Specimen DAM
      • Have compared the specimen resource against elements in the DAM and made a few gForge trackers
        • Should we create the tracker for lab automation for example and mark those as for future use and create the extensions already
        • Revisit for all attributes we currently don’t have in FHIR as long it is an extension on existing resources
        • Have information about the specimen and the collection merged into the single specimen resource – should we consider splitting these out into procedure for processing and collection?
      • Other Upcoming topics:
      • Meetings:
        • Calls are weekly on Tuedays 3 -4 PM ET
      • Project Page Link:
    • Healthcare Product: Device/DeviceDefinition/UDI
      • Focus will be:
        • Device gForge trackers, then device Def and boundary updates so we can FMM the resource proposals from 0 to 1
        • Discussion of substance still ongoing (mixed bag of instance and kind and if substance can be used as subject for supply request
          • Did substance ownership move to BRR? Think that was decided in Jan2019 WGM – substanceDefinition
        • Pharmacy is participating in Healthcare product calls (John Hatem)
      • Meetings: 
        • weekly calls Mondays 3 -4 PM ET - next call August 12
      • Project Page Link: Healthcare Product
    • US Realm Lab (eDOS/LOI/LRI)
    • V2+
      • Meetings:
        • Every other Friday, 9-10am ET
      • Project Page Link: V2+
      • EA Cloud link - 
        • but need to have user ID to view
        • need to set up so folks can view without logging in – Ulrike Merrick to bring topic up to HQ
    • V2.9
      • Completed ballot reconciliation sheet has been uploaded 
    • V2-to-FHIR

      • Meetings:
        • Content - NEW TIMES starting 5/20
          • Mondays 1 - 2 PM ET
          • Tuesdays 11 - 12 AM EDT
        • Tooling:
          • Wednesday
      • Project Page Link: V2-To-FHIR Project
    • SNOMED on FHIR
      • Joint effort by HL7 and SNOMED International.  Looking at resources that use, or should use SNOMED-CT in FHIR.
        • Looking for guidance on how to use SNOMED-CT in the Observation Resource (for example looking at code, value, and interpretation.)
        • In-scope, taking value sets that are not SNOMED and seeing if they should be coded by SNOMED (like immunization codes)

Call adjourned 1:45 PM EDT

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