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Attendees: Andrea Pitkus, Ed Heierman, Kathy Walsh, Ralf Herzog, Ron van Duyne, Hans Buitendijk, Pam Banning


  • IG prep for September ballot
    • From QA list mostly technical, behind the scenes issues that Rob will go through.
    • Introduction
      • Need to remove the Ballot Note as it does not apply anymore and no further guidance is needed.  All is subject to comments.
    • General Principles & Design
      • Let Hans know if anything needs fixed.
    • Artifacts
      • We need to update with additional examples.  Targeted for next week.  Need to have a disclaimer on this page, and each example that this is NOT real data, even though actual manufacturer name may be used and the maps are not for actual use.
      • Not sure why "Artifact packages" displays.  Should be removed.
    • Glossary
      • It has a yellow box with unknown purpose.  Should work as ToC, or be removed.
    • Acknowledgements
      • Need to add Ralf Herzog - Roche
      • Add "Laboratory Informaticist"
  • LIVD Connectathon
  • Version 2 spreadsheet update
    • Not yet available
    • No new requirements yet.  In about 2 weeks would possibly have additional information from SOLAR meetings.
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