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Attendees: Marti Velezis, John Rhoads, Brian Reinhold,  Bob Dieterle, Hans Buitendijk, Behnaz Minaei, Kathy Walsh, George Dixon, Ralf Herzog, Michael, Stefan Karl, Ana Kostadinovska, Erik Moll, Kevin Schap, Myron Finseth


  • We reviewed the attached spreadsheet and made various updates.
  • The goal of the meeting was to get to a vote on moving this into the build.
  • Summarized the discussions since last Tuesday
    • HCD further reviewed and is proposing that specialization is appropriate for Device
    • FMG discussed what is needed to move forward with updating the FHIR build and a vote by the joint OO-HCD discussions is appropriate.
    • The UDI Project Team further discussed approach and considered the potential of going back to a single resource with a device definition backbone element (0..1), a device backbone element (0..1), and a set of common data.  This would minimize resource definition duplication, but not necessarily definitional data duplication on a Device instance.
  • The spreadsheet includes updates to the attribute definitions in red.
  • We started review of the Device columns.
  • Updated the udiCarrier definition.  Needs further review by Marti for some wordsmithing.
  • Clarified that jurisdiction and issuer definitions.
  • Added an entry type of "protocol" to indicate the source of the udiCarrier is through a protocol exchange from the device.
  • Clarified the definitions on specialization elements.
  • Updated the cardinality of specialization.version to be 0..1 rather than 1..1 is it may not be applicable.
  • We did not get to review the DeviceDefinition columns and ensure the definitions are clear enough that those elements that have the same name under DeviceDefinition and Device and are not marked orangy, or actually not duplicates/copies.  HCD will further review these definitions tomorrow.

Our timeline is getting very tight to complete, particularly if we do not wrap this up by next week to enable updating the build by August 10 (as these are substantive changes).

John Rhoads will run the meeting next week as Hans will be on PTO for next two weeks.

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