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Attendees: David Burgess, Kathy Walsh, Craig Newman, Matt Lord, Rob Snelick, Deb Markussen, Benjamin Flessner, Frank Oemig, Kathleen Connor, Kevin Power, Kumar Satyam, Kevin Power, Ralf Herzog, Hans Buitendijk, Andrea Pitkus


  • MSH - HD - 5 minutes
    • We touched on the general direction to use Provenance or MessageHeader for MSH-3.
    • While some are leaning towards Provenance, more clarity is required.
    • Craig started a page (v2-to-FHIR Provenance) to discuss the potential need for a Provenance for the original source message, and one for the transform.
    • It does not seem very clear when to have different instances, or combine certain data on a single Provenance instance.  A Cross-Paradigm guide would be helpful.
    • The current Provenance project is focusing on C-CDA and FHIR only, but at some point we need to have consistency with v2 as well.
  • ARV - 
    • Matt and Kathleen stepped through their mapping here: V2-FHIR Mapping - Segment: ARV[General].
    • We clarified that with the updated of ARV in v2.9 (one per message, plus additional MSH data) that security labels may be declared on specific segments in the message, or (if not specific) apply effectively to all segments, thus to all resources created for these segments.
    • MSH-26 (new in v2.9, not yet adopted) would reflect the high watermark of security labels across all ARV instances in the message.  Therefore, specific ARV labels would NOT apply to MessageHeader.  Rather, MSH-26 would have to be mapped (once v2.9 is published) to
    • The Bundle in which the resulting resources may appear with their respective labels would represent the high watermark for the contents of the bundle.  In a message-to-message transformation that likely would be the same as MSH-26, but if multiple messages are included (e.g., as part of a v2 batch), then it would apply across all.
  • MSH - Remainder
    • Not discussed.
  • Connectathon - last 5 minutes
    • We are planning to participate in the connectathon focusing on tooling (using examples from the mapping progress for content) Saturday PM and Sunday.
    • Anybody planning to use TBX is encouraged to set up before the connectathon.  Robert Worden will send an update to the list, and on zulip.
    • We don't have final approval and probably will be asked for more updates to the page (2019-05 v2-to-FHIR Tooling Track).  Any suggestions welcome.
  • Review Process
    • Not discussed
    • We need to figure out how to accelerate our reviews