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As the initial scope is to provide a LIVD publication through a download from a website, e-mail, or other non-service based approach, we do not define specific search parameters until a future version expands the scope.

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  1. The connectathon proposals identifies an Intermediary Third Party Library as "A third party collecting all manufacturer's data and making it available through a FHIR server for others to access. This could be completely independent (e.g., a standards organization or terminology library), as part of an LIS or Middleware/Device Connectivity". 

    This would support Scenario 2 in the list of scenarios:

    Scenario 2 - Multiple manufacturers create an LIVD Publication Bundle and makes it electronically available to a receivers. The receiver populates a FHIR server and makes APIs available to access these across manufacturer. Another party uses an App to obtain the data from that intermediary.

    If we want to capture this as part of the LIVD Search Parameters, then I think we would need the following:

    • A search capability that allows the catalog for a specific Manufacturer and Model. These are components from the LIVD White Paper that are identified as keys.
    • The output would be the FHIR catalog containing that Manufacturer and Model mappings. It may contain other mappings as well from that Manufacturer, depending on the catalogs published by the Manufacturer.
    • Optionally, the Intermediary Third Party Library could filter and create at response only for that Manufacturer and Model combination.