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Attendees: Francois Macary (PHAST), Kathy Walsh (LabCorp), Rob Hausam (Hausam Consulting), Freida Hall (Quest Diagnostics), Andrea Pitkus (U of Wisconsin), Gary Randman  (Quest Diagnostics)

  • Update of specimenDefinition and observationDefinition to FMM1 - Robert Hausam
  • Github repository for the Order Catalog IG content prepared by Rob:
  • We want to build the FHIR IG within the scope of the existing 1010 project, which does plan to build a FHIR IG for catalogs.
  • Status of 1010 tproject o be checked by Freida Hall with Lorraine Constable
  • Order Catalog FHIR IG Proposal prepared by Rob and François, and discussed with Grahame
    • A single IG for all kinds of order catalogs
    • motion to approve the order catalog FHIR IG proposal:
      • motion by Freida ; second by François
      • 0 opposed ; 0 abstained ; 5 in favor
  • Draft profiles for catalog and library services
    • Spreadsheet with requirements for the profiles – focused on Lab compendium so far. Accessible here
    • Checked the first profiles:
      • CatalogHeader based on Composition - represents the header of the catalog
        • The former cqm-ValidityPeriod extension has been replaced by a new one oo-ValidityPeriod, which is a real Period
      • LabServiceDefinition based on PlanDefinition - represents a laboratory service made visible to potential consumers of this service
      • LabProcedureDefinition based on ActivityDefinition - represents a laboratory procedure that contributes to a laboratory service
    • Profiles to be completed, and then uploaded to the Github repository. Francois Macary
  • Next calls:
    • Dec 20
    • Dec 27, Jan 3 cancelled
    • Pick back up on Jan 10
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