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1a. Project Name

Clinician Guided Self-measured Blood Pressure FHIR IG

1c. Is Your Project an Investigative Project (aka PSS-Lite)?


1d. Is your Project Artifact now proceeding to Normative directly or after being either Informative or STU?


2a. Primary/Sponsor WG

Orders & Observations

2b. Co-Sponsor WG

Health Care Devices

2c. Co-Sponsor Level of Involvement

Request formal content review prior to ballot

2b. Co-Sponsor WG 2

Patient Care

2d. Project Facilitator

Corey Smith? Others

2h. Vocabulary Facilitator

Rob Hausam?

2k. Conformance Facilitator


3a. Project Scope

Develop a FHIR Implementation Guide to represent Self-measured Blood Pressure Using A Remote Monitoring Device (SMBP). Goals are to:
Meet clinical criteria and gain widespread adoption in support of AMA IHMI mission
Reduce variability in the expression of meaning
Ability to compute logical subsumption and equivalence across terminology and information models (experimental)
Leverage existing tools, team strengths, and work within internally established AMA timelines

This scope focuses on clinician guided remote monitoring programs not consumer initiated monitoring


3b. Project Need

Why Hypertension?
Uncontrolled Blood Pressure
About 85 million adults (approximately 1 in 3) in the United States have high blood pressure, a contributing factor to major health conditions including heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and kidney failure. Research also shows that in 45.9% of those with high blood pressure the condition is not controlled—36.7 million people!
Costs Beyond Patient Health
It is estimated that high blood pressure costs the country $48.6 billion each year, including health care services, medications, and missed days of work.
There are new opportunities to use remote monitoring outside the clinic.

Improving Health Outcomes: Target BP Program
Helps health care organizations, at no cost, improve BP control rates through an evidence-based quality improvement program and recognizes organizations committed to improving BP control
MEASURE blood pressure accurately, every time
Enable Patient Self‑Measurement
Patients can take an active role in their treatment by monitoring their own BP readings outside of the clinical setting.
SMBP can also help providers better diagnose high BP and effectively manage patients.

3c. Security Risk


3f. Common Names / Keywords / Aliases:


3j. Backwards Compatibility


3l. Using Current V3 Data Types?


3m. External Vocabularies


4a. Products

FHIR Extensions, FHIR Implementation Guide, FHIR Profiles

5a. Project Intent

Create new standard, Implementation Guide (IG) will be created/modified

5a. Is the project adopting/endorsing an externally developed IG?


5a. Specify external organization

American Medical Association

5b. Project Ballot Type

STU to Normative

6b. Content Already Developed

60% ? 80%?

6c. Content externally developed?


6d. List Developers of Externally Developed Content

American Medical Association

6f. Stakeholders

Clinical and Public Health Laboratories, Quality Reporting Agencies, Regulatory Agency, Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), Payors

6g. Vendors

Equipment, Health Care IT

6h. Providers

Healthcare Institutions (hospitals, long term care, home care, mental health)

6i. Realm