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  • 2023-07-26 - Motion #1 to accept the minutes as published. Nikki Impero/James Allain
    • Against: 0; Abstain: 0; In Favor:  7


Motion #2: Update CDA templates reflecting necessary changes if the templates are extended and/or incorporated into the revised CCDA. Della Rieley/Nikki Impero

    • Against: 0; Abstain: 0; In Favor:  7

CDA-1967 - Resolution provided to update value set name: from Anthropometric Measurement Grouping to Nutrition Anthropometric Measurement Grouping in IG.    

CDA-1966 - Resolution provided to add value set Food and Nutrition Related History Grouping to Table 74 in IG.  

CDA-1962 - Resolution provided to adapt value set name of Diet Item Grouping as a replacement to 'Diet Item' in Table 27, 28, and 71 in IG. 

CDA-1961 - Resolution provided to fix the Feeding Device template to utilize the Feeding Device Grouping Value Set rather than one member value set and to add TemplateChange tag.  

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Profile: Quality, Release 1 - US Realm

Clinical Quality Information

6th STU Ballot

The QI-Core Implementation Guide defines a set of FHIR profiles with extensions and bindings needed to create interoperable, quality-focused applications.

Since the last ballot of this material in 2022SEP , the following changes have been made: Update to align with US Core version
6.1.0 and to be more consistent with data use for interoperability. Specific changes to align more closely with US Core profiles where appropriate and removing MustSupport indicators where no use case is currently defined.

Sandy Miller, Ashley


Can QICore clarify why NutritionProduct (R5) was not included along with NutritionIntake as part of the revisions?

Keeping NutritionOrder is supported because this may impact NutritionIntake.



Implementation Guide: Canonical Resource Management Infrastructure (CRMI),
Release 1

Clinical Decision Support

1st STU Ballot

The Canonical Resource Management Infrastructure implementation guide defines profiles, operations, capability statements and guidance to facilitate the content management lifecycle for authoring, publishing, distribution, and implementation of FHIR knowledge artifacts such as value sets, profiles, libraries, rules, and measures.

James, Sue




Implementation Guide: Value Based Performance Reporting (VBPR),
Release 1 - US Realm

Clinical Quality Information

1st STU Ballot

With the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care, value-based contracts have emerged as a mechanism that payers may use to better align their contracting structures with broader changes in the healthcare system. This implementation guide specifies a standard format for value-based performance reports and mechanisms for exchanging standardized value-based performance reports between providers and payers for value- based quality and risk contracts.

Nikki, Amy




Implementation Guide: 

National Directory for Healthcare (NDH),
Release 1 - US Realm

Patient Administration

1st STU Ballot

This IG provides a standard for the population, verification and exchange of Health and Social Care

Sandy J., Sue, James


5 and 6 are the same ballot


Implementation Guide: Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCC)

Patient Care

1st STU Ballot

The implementation guide represents clinical and social data elements within the FHIR Care Plan Resource. It defines the FHIR resource relationships necessary to support care planning, and reuses or defines FHIR queries to achieve an aggregated view within the Care

Since the last ballot of this material in 2023JAN, the following changes have been made: To prepare for this STU ballot:
- The US Core IG dependency was

Sandy Miller, Nikki


Support efforts for 1) interdisciplinary care and communication, including conditions listed and malnutrition and food insecurity, 2) capturing related goals, interventions, and outcomes.


Electronic Care Plan, Release 1
- US Realm

Plan structure. The intent is to facilitate pulling data from all systems where patients receive care, incorporating patient provided data. It provides an EHR agnostic, holistic view of care and a solution to the interoperability conc

changed from 5.0.1 to
6.1.0 and made needed edits as a result (for example change to use/dervie from) US Core Simple Observation, from our MCC's Simple Observation and correct any resultant QA errors/warnings
- Added guidance on providing MCC Care Plan data as a bundle
- Preadopt R5 ClincalImpresssion Extension instead and removed Clinical Impression Profile
- Removed Multiple Chronic Condition Care Plan Caregiver on Care Team Profile. Retain Multiple Chronic Condition Care Plan Caregiver Considerations Observation (may need to modify name)and removed Care Team from observation.focus and changed to RelatedPerson
- Value set re- expansions and updates

Nikki, Ashley

See above



Implementation Guide: Bidirectional Services eReferrals (BSeR),
Release 1 - US Realm

Public Health

3rd STU Ballot

The Bidirectional Services eReferrals (BSeR) FHIR IG provides guidance on FHIR Resources and US Core IG profiles for use in exchanging a referral request and specific program data from a clinical provider to a typically extra-clinical program service provider, such as a diabetes prevention program, a smoking quitline, or a hypertension management training program and provides for the return of feedback information from the service program to the referring provider.

Since the last ballot of this material in 2019MAY, the
following changes have been made: This release addresses updates based on pilot implementation, FHIR Connectathon implementer feedback, and referral harmonization. The major changes are: an update to a later version of US Core, re-working of nested Bundle structures, harmonized Task and ServiceRequest profiles, extensible architecture for other use cases, updates to transport use cases, and various technical updates.

Della, Amber


Nutrition SMEs support sending the ServiceRequest in addition to the Task.



HL7 Standard: Version 2.9.1 - An application Protocol for Electronic Data Exchange in Healthcare Environments

Management Group

2nd Normative Ballot

This is an update to the v2.9 standard to include new capabilities including new segments to share data related to gender concepts as being defined by the HL7 Gender Harmony project. New concepts supported include gender identity, pronouns, recorded gender or sex and sex for clinical use.

Since the last ballot of this material in 2022SEP, the following changes have been made: Updates in response to Comments submitted during the Sept 2022 ballot cycle have been made.

Sandy J, Amber


Chapter 4 question: The nutrition SMEs do not believe that the GSC segment needs to be added to dietary order. GSP and GSR are recommended for addition.



Reaffirmation of HL7 Version 3 Standard: Structured Product Labeling, Release 8

Biomedical Research and Regulation

1st Normative Ballot

Reaffirmation of the SPL R8 specification

James, Amber


Next meeting: September 27th, 2023

Call adjourned at 3:08pm EST.