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Meeting Details

Date: August 14, 2023

Time: 1PM ET

Coordinates:  Join Zoom meeting: | Meeting ID: 510 046 7805 | +1 929-436-2866-US (New York)

Attendees: JD Nolen, Rob Hausam, Andrea Pitkus

Co-chair: JD Nolen

Scribe: JD Nolen

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  • V2 OO/Specimen
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  • FHIR Specimen JIRAs
    • FHIR-41322 - Add Observation.observationNotPerformedReason to handle rejection reasons TRIAGED
      • 1. Add in guidance on the use dataAbsentReason to handle tests not performed to section on "Canceled or Aborted Observations " and rename the section to "Cancelled or Not Performed Observations"

        2. Update the word "result" in the definitions of dataAbsentReason to say "result value" to clarify that it is the value of the Observation.value is missing.

        3. Update the word "result" to "result value" in the definition of component.ReferenceRange

      • Persuasive...added to August Block Vote
    • FHIR-41427 - Update new code set for Observation.observationNotPerformed/Specimen.condition TRIAGED
      • Not needed given the changes to the above tracker
      • Not persuasive...added to August block 
    • The above work should help clarify things in the field

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