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Meeting Details

Date:  June 30, 2023

Time: 10AM ET

Coordinates:  Join Zoom meeting: | Meeting ID: 510 046 7805 | +1 929-436-2866-US (New York)


Ralf Herzog (Roche), Riki Merrick (Vernetzt, LLC / APHL), Brian Handspicker, Annie, Michael Lingenfelder (BAH/CDC), Kathy Walsh (Labcorp), Christina Gallegos (APHL), Gelu Comanescu (CDC), Dan Rutz (Epic), Cindy Terdiman, Rob Hausam (Hausam Consulting), Bob Dieterle (EnableCare), Andrea Pitkus (UW), Thomas Zou (AH), John King (Flexion)

Chair: Ralf Herzog

Scribe: Riki Merrick

  • Quorum Met (Co-Chair+2)


  • Workflow Topics
  • JIRA Tickets 
  • AOB?

Meeting Resources

PSS: PSS-2101

IG Proposal: Clinical Order Workflow (COW)

JIRA Tickets: OO Workflow JIRAs

JIRA Grouping Tag:

  • OO-COW - to indicate when the JIRA Ticket should be reviewed by the OO Clinical Order Workflow SMEs, especially when the issue is not assigned to the Resource owner.

Background Materials


Workflow topics

    • Waiting for BPM+ to give intro to their version of FHIR workflow in the lab
    • Working through a lab test example - need input from JD and Rob

Jira tickets

    • FHIR-41414
        • Change 'patient' to 'subject (Patient, Group)'
        • Add Group reference to 'receiver' 
        • Added proposed disposition - will discuss further with Jose 
           Move to next week when Jose is here
    • FHIR-40631 
        • We believe that adding basedOn to VisionPriscription is useful
        • We believe adding RequestOrchestration as a Reference to basedOn is useful
        • DeviceRequest should do the same
        • MedicationRequest should do the same (with Pharmacy) -– tagged Co-Chairs in the ticket
    • Skip the family related jiras
    • FHIR-40499 - Remove instantiatesURI and CanonicalURI
      • Having issues understanding which extensions to look at as alternatives – ping Lloyd in the comment
    • FHIR-40491 – Transport should not bridge Request and Event
      • This means that we should not use the same resource type for documenting events (transports that have happened) as well as requesting transports
      • This requires input from JD and PA WG
      • Rob working with John ?? – so might get more input from that
      • Authorization to perform and bill is carried in the ServiceRequest, not in the task, so when the event occurs as consequence should be documented using .basedOn linking to the authorization of the service
      • If you have task.output does not include the authorization of the service
      • You may have different transport needs based on where the specimen needs to be sent – but that could all be basedOn the same service request
    • FHIR-40310 – Change TransportReason
      • Looking in R5, but reason is now a codeableReference datatype, so not sure if this ticket still applies – tag JD
      • In SDOH IG we have reasonCode and a slice for reference – that’s because we didn’t have the codeableReference datatype in R4
      • Looks like maybe we mean the missing valueset for this element?
        • Consider using the IHE SET specification value set
    • FHIR-40307 – DeviceRequest.code needs to have a different label
      • This was changed from a CodableConcepte to a codeableReference datatype
      • We agree this is not just a code, but we don’t think it would make sense to just make these for one-offs
      • Do we need to apply this across ALL resources
        • In medicationRequest they use medication
        • nutritionOrder is using backbone elements to bring this together
        • Does not work for ServiceRequest – since that can be used for many different things
      • Add comment that we are leaning towards finding not persuasive, but want to give Elliot the option to discuss on a call
    • FHIR-40288 – Device module landing page
      • Create to group the device related resources into one place
      • We don’t already have a summary page, that does this, then yes
      • We have a Note to Implementers that OO has a module page under development – ask Marti
    • FHIR-39619 – Change Task.owner cardinality
      • The definition needs to get updated, since it calls for an individual, but organization and careteam are both allowed – and also practitionerRole, so referenced resources are not aligned with its definition
      • Do we want to give this to FHIR-I or PatientCare? – ask for Hans’ input on the lab call later today
    • FHIR-39594 – transport description should be markdown
      • If the description is longer text / paragraph
      • Do we need to support a list for multiple step transports
      • Need JD input

FOE Update

Next meeting: July 7, 2023

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