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Joint Commission

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Approve Minutes


  • No additional administrative items


FHIR - 41337 ()

  • Proposal to remove QI Core NutritionOrder profile.
    • Use case presented by The Joint Commission, documentation of exclusive breastmilk intake. 
    • CQI community will determine the future of QI-Core NutritionOrder Profile. Removal seems appropriate since that resource does not appear to meet the needs of QI Core 
    • QI Core will update JIRA ticket. 

FHIR – 41338

  • Proposal to create QI Core extension of NutritionIntake profile to better meet the needs mentioned in the FHIR-41337 ticket.
    • Suggestion to create extension profile using portions of NutritionIntake agreed upon.  
    • CodeableReference to NutritionProduct under element consumedItem to identify exactly what would be consumed and primitive data type notConsumed to indicate what was not consumed. 
    • Value sets and CQL might be considered to address negation of exclusive breastmilk intake. 
    • QI Core will update JIRA ticket.  

FHIR – 41411

  • Proposal to change NutritionIntake to better support family-based medicine.
    • To be reviewed at next meeting 

Call adjourned at 2:58 pm.