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Meeting Details

Date: June 12, 2023

Time: 3PM ET

Coordinates:  Join Zoom meeting: | Meeting ID: 510 046 7805 | +1 929-436-2866-US (New York)




  • Quorum (Co-Chair + 4) Met 


  • Administrative
  • Module
    • BDP Module
    • Nutrition Module - need to discuss if this is needed
  • Status on JIRA Tickets
  • AOB
  • Next Meeting


HCP_Backlog - FOR REVIEW (includes Nutrition resources)

HCP_Ballot Related - JIRA that need to be completed by R5 (many of these are related to Normative content)

HCP_Work In Progress - Items that need to be updated in the build and/or QA for completion

Module Pages

The following are draft pages to organize and author content for each of our health care product resources: 


Upcoming Topics/Due Dates



June 12TBD
June 19TBD
June 26TBD

Action Items

Instructions: Type your task here, using "@" to assign to a user and "//" to select a due date

Action Item


  • Administrative
  • BDP
    • If no vote needed, let's move into the Build.
    • If it does require one, would want Paul Ashford on the call.
    • Check on the JIRA to use.
  • Nutrition
    • Need project team members on the call.
  • Device Association (see backlog below)
  • Device JIRAs
    • FHIR-40503
      • Device and DeviceDefinition Search Parameters
      • Motion to add search parameters (see JIRA) and accepted per JIRA vote.
    • FHIR-40384
      • Need to distinguish device-created from transcribed observations
      • General sense that this is a valuable attribute, whether as extension or core element.
      • Rather than taking one element at a time, would like to address together with other device-observation attributes.
      • Also need to consider whether we need to distinguish electronic without user verification/acceptance or with, which is not the same as fully transcribed.
    • FHIR-40335 
      • Clarify use of Observation.subject, .device, and .focus for devices
      • To be discussed with Device Module
    • Where do we include AI/ML and DTx into our scope?
      • Already stated that software is part of Device/DeviceDefinition, but would be helpful to clarify that software encompasses AI and ML as well.
      • Created: FHIR-41428 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Motion to update the Device and DeviceDefinition scope statements that include software, that software is inclusive of algorithms, AI, ML, etc.
        • Jose Costa Teixeira, David Barwin
        • Against: 0; Abstain: 0; In Favor: 10
    • FHIR-40434
      •  Motion to add the following search parameters to DeviceDefinition:
            •  manufacturer
            • deviceName (same definition as in Device)
            •  partNumber
          • while leaving the following for a future opportunity with more specific use cases:

            • link
              • relatedDevice
              • relation
            • owner
        • Elliot Silver / John Donnelly : 9-0-0

Next meeting:  June 26, 2023


Note these are issues that we did not have time to discuss, or already have been discussed, but may not be ready for disposition (i.e., waiting for input or additional work needs to be completed).


  • TBD

  • FHIR-32756 - request-insurance extension needs more context given in the description
  • Waiting for Jose Costa-Teixeira  to respond to comments; this should be included in a future call (August 8 or 15)
  • FHIR-19516 - Substantive workflow changes for OO resources
  • Needs to be assigned (Status = Resolved Change Required)
  • TBD

  • TBD


  • Pending additional review
  • FHIR-31750 - Complement Valueset-identifier-type for Device identifiers 

  • Approved; Updating UP-232
  • Examples
  • Search Parameters
  • Mappings (TBD)
  • Need to complete work on Device Definition to make it consistent with or address variations from Device resource
  • TBD


  • FHIR-26429  - Consider adding extension to allow fuzzy timing for DeviceRequest.occurrence

  • Note - Robert Hausam there is an outstanding question in comments for you - also see under Service Request.

  • Need update from OO on FHIR

  • FHIR-26948 - Create examples for prosthetics (e.g. glasses, lenses) in DeviceRequest; Comment added for Jose - Pending
  • See topic below (Device Request and VisionPrescription)
  • Device Request and VisionPrescription (see below)

  • FHIR-11217
    • Amendment: Address where VisionPrescription should be referenced in DeviceRequest in a separate JIRA ticket; which will expand the discussion around custom devices
    • Action: In HCP we will work through the wording.
  • Discussed at May 2023 WGM
  • Need to work on this in committee
  • Will be kept open until UDI IG has addressed these and can confirm it covers it.
  • FHIR-34491 - Add statusReason in ServiceRequest

  • FHIR-40631
    • Some OO requests need basedOn to RequestOrchestration
    • NutritionOrder (was NutritionRequest), ServiceRequest (Diagnostic/Procedure/ReferralRequest), VisionPrescription

  • FHIR-38818 - Clarify SupplyDelivery for shipment vs reception

Product Pattern
  • Need Jose Costa-Teixeira and Carl Leitner on the call.
  • Is there a benefit to have definition for BDP, in blood bank with ordering is one (and maybe only example).