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Meeting Details

Date: March 3, 2023

Time: 1PM ET

Coordinates:  Join Zoom meeting: | Meeting ID: 510 046 7805 | +1 929-436-2866-US (New York)

Attendees: Ralf Herzog (Roche), JD Nolen (Children’s Mercy Hospital), Rob Hausam (Hausam Consulting), Kathy Walsh (Labcorp, Riki Merrick (Vernetzt / APHL), Andrea Pitkus (UW), Yanick Gaudet (Global Star)

Co-chair: JD Nolen

Scribe: Riki Merrick

  • Quorum (Co-Chair + 2) Met 


  • Discussion Topics 
  • JIRAs Triage
  • Other?

Meeting Resources

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Meeting Minutes

Discussion Topics

  • GTIN topic
    • on agenda for this week’s main call / maybe also slot for WGM?
  • WGM schedule for specimen topics
    • Tues Q1 – should keep open for keynote
    • Add to the joint with CG Wed Q3
  • Discuss LIVD topics for this time slot
    • Maybe focus on LIVD for April and try to get it done
    • Should we add valueset for specimen now?
    • Riki will check with Ed and Hans, if this would work
      • Ed can do 4/10 and 4/24

JIRA Triage

  • V2 OO/Specimen
    • None
  • FHIR Specimen JIRAs
    • FHIR-40646
      • Example binding – if we have this value set further fleshed out, then maybe it would be good to add and increase binding to preferred
      • Reviewing the method codes based on SNOMED CT =
        • Several terms are not processing, but findings
        • How would you decide how to come up with the list of methods
          • Survey different lab domains for the methods used
            • Review SOPs in the different lab domains
          • Is there a list in DICOM?
          • Review LOINC methods
            • Cannot collect serum without processing, so method is often hidden in the LOINC method
            • Or the type of stain used
          • Ask IVD vendors for their methods / maybe FDA has some of those
        • Should “processing” be in the specimen resource, shouldn’t this be a task?
          • Yes, if you tell someone to do that
          • Maybe an event
      • IHE LDA profile could give you the information from a process perspective, but does not have the vocabulary
      • Specimen Processing Method Code Review:
      • Look at the collection terms that are included before specimen arrives in the lab
        • Categorize if these are done pre-lab and or in-lab
      • Review as homework, add comments and fill in the additional columns
      • Remove all the examination terms and their descendants - will have to see how to propose to SNOMED once review is complete
    • No other tracker in Specimen backlog

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Call Adjourned at 2:58 PM EDT

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